Be A Light Bridge! – Loveing The Human Grace! Embracing Humanity Into Divine Love & Oneness Consciousness – 2 November 2012

This page is dedicated to showing how easy it is to be a Bridge of Light in these last days of transformation. Lay down your swords of condemnation and join the Sea of Love that is now wrapping itself around this entire beautiful planet we know as Earth. She is our planetary mother and we are so honored and proud to be part of this grand mission. Below are some easy and powerful prayers you can say each day upon rising. You will be showered with even more Love and Protection with daily use. Repeat these until our Ascension. Be blessed and filled with the Joy and Love that already lives inside of You!

Prayers and decrees are more than just mere words. They are frequencies of Light in the english language so that all who may choose to use them, may do so. With regular declaration, your auric field will grow and your world will shift into a higher state. :)

Rise and Shine Morning Prayer to begin your day.

May the love of God come forth now into this space, into our minds
and into our hearts

In this stillness let the word of God speak so that all might hear
and come into the presence

Be At Peace
Be At Peace
Be At Peace

May all those beings of light and love from the many mansion
worlds of God join with us now and support us on our journey

We call upon the Great Illuminator, The Buddha and the supreme
Avatar of Love, The Christ, to overshadow us now with their

We call upon the spiritual hierarchy and all who are aligned with
God’s will and God’s light to surround us: the Elohim, the
Archangels and the Cosmic Angels, the Ascended Masters, the
Devic Kingdom and the Christed Extraterrestrial races, who seek
to fulfil the Divine Plan on Earth and in the Heavens

We welcome you and ask that we are uplifted and guided by your
loving presence.


The Violet Flame Decrees

Beloved presence, I Am bright

round me seal your tube of Light

from Ascended Master flame

called forth now in God’s own name.

Let it keep my temple free

from all discord send to me.

I Am calling forth Violet fire

to blaze and transmute all desire

keeping on in freedom’s name

till I Am One with the Violet Flame!

(repeat this decree 3x )

*Sky-I have been guided by St. Germain to share this info and the link here

for you to access many more Violet Flame Decrees. These are the most

important days of this year now. The pot has been officially stirrred and

we are being called to Action! Use your God-given voice and decree from

the comfort of your home. Light a Violet candle and go for it :)

St. Germain says “I hear all decrees done by anyone who chooses to say them. I know who you are and I watch with great Love. Decrees of this nature are more powerful than you can imagine. More powerful than any other method of prayer. Decree from your Heart~Divine Hearts are in EveryOne and I call upon your Divine Heart Now! Stand up and be counted my Chelas, your time is here to Shine like never before. I thank you and I Love You All.”

Beloved St. Germain link to original article


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