Lucas – The Beauty In It All – Energy Complexes And Singing Bowls – Be One Be Change – 2 November 2012

Follow the vibes is the new sticky post it on your computer. What an energies following each other in complex ways to clear, to free, to awaken, to transform, to be building blocks, to heal it all, and those energies  have been coming in the last 5 weeks in even shorter intervals and in intensity. The integration is not yet complete and the next wave is coming in. The new paradigm forming is  a beauty, not only seeing glowing auras surrounding everything, also I observe people seeing more clear and having clarity in expressions, I see new things like color schemes that are not yet existing, I hear of people coming out of their shells and breaking out of it all.

For myself I know I am a transmitter, transformer and amplifier of energies. These energies are channeled through me to others surrounding me. But also via my words and actions I transmit those energies. I try to be as authentic in all as I can and full in my heart.  I see the beauty of all in the  now in me and  surrounding me. Every little thing is in itself a beautiful creative idea manifested.  This is what we can do with our real unconditional love and our focus on a child like freedom to be without any boundaries exploring and experiencing and imagining.

Your inner child should take over in creating real beauty from unconditional love without any hinderance of that what still comes from the EGO and the mind.  I hear others say the EGO must die, but it is just part of you that you can learn to control through being in your heart in the now. The EGO will fade and take its rightful place in the background again. Its leading role in the play of life is over. What a grace and beauty this will bring you helping to manifest and imagine, visualize the new paradigm into being.

We  are now on our biggest creative task to perform this month. Besides the people standing up for their rights, calling out for change and doing things to change, it is we that have to change from within that what is outside of us. We can make via our own change and intentions all change the world outside also for the better of all mankind. Just be, create, live from your heart and know it to be without any 3D or duality inference. Know also we are still getting their, and you can make mistakes, have a bad day,but come back fast, learn and transform that what was not right for you and go on. We have to move on.

The month of change and development is now in full swing. It is like the singing bowls that vibrate  their tones of love frequencies and resonate with all. See you’re not alone, see the singularities, the synchronicity surrounding you and feel what it does to you and with all, it is the energy of change. Take up your task with us all in manifesting, changing all for the better of mankind and mother earth in the now in  full oneness. Be One and Be change and then you say:  Welcome to our new reality, it is real and no illusion.

Love and Light,


United in Oneness we are.

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