Ron Head – Please Stop Jumping Up And Down – 2 November 2012


Good morning.  We will now discuss your growing feeling of impending change.  In this you are perfectly correct.  And you look around yourselves trying to spot the first manifestations of it, do you not?

We hear your question almost constantly, “When?  When?”  Yet we tell you almost as often that it is occurring now.  There are signs all around you, yes.  But the feeling you are having only concerns them in the most minor way.

The reason you are feeling this, and feeling it as strongly as you do, is that you are, in fact, perceiving the extent of massive changes you have created, and are continuing to create, in yourselves.  You have asked and asked for certain things to happen and now you are feeling them beginning to manifest in your consciousness.  It feels, does it not, as if something huge and unknown is just beyond the curtain of your awareness?  Well, that is an absolutely perfect picture of the truth of it.

We will tell you that the very fact that you are interested in these messages shows that you have made certain commitments which are leading you ever closer to realizing the person you have been creating for many, many lifetimes.  Most of you think you know who that is.  But the wonderful truth is that even those most awake just now are about to be presented with selves which amaze and delight them.

You are also to suddenly discover a limitless life which cannot even be described to you.  We can tell you that you will be able to perceive this, thus, and that, but until you do, it will mean nothing to you.  It would be like trying to describe to you the flavor of chocolate.  Try that.  Do you think it would be possible?  What if we said that you could be aware of several dimensions and times at once?  If you have never seen another dimension in this lifetime, what does that really mean to you?  If we say that you will remember lives, or between lives, or your galactic origins, what does that really mean to you?  All of these things are true.  They all sound amazing.  And they all serve to keep your attention focused on your ascension.  But the real goal is none of these things anyway.

The real goal is for you to finally envelop this tiny, pretend self into the magnificent Self you really are for the last time AND for you to then live as that Self from that point on.  Were that approaching, do you think you would feel that something huge and wonderful was impending?  Would you feel just as you do now?  Does that, or does that not, ring true?

Please stop jumping up and down.  We joke, of course.  Actually, we jump up and down with you.  You are very, very close now.  Why not carry that feeling of approaching celebration throughout your day and share it with your world?  You need not talk of it.  Just carry it forth.  It is contagious.  Infect everyone.

We love you, dear hearts.  We will speak again soon.  Good day.

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