Visionkeeper – Why Are We Waiting? – 2 November 2012

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So what are we waiting for to celebrate? The life we are a part of is a wonderful one in so many glorious ways, so why are we not celebrating? We sit and wait for permission to celebrate one of the dark ones holidays that hold little true meaning. Life is spectacular but we have been kept from seeing what it has to offer us. Why are we not holding countrywide celebrations of life? Wouldn’t that throw the dark ones a curve ball! The world is falling apart yet we the people could be holding celebrations of joy and love for all the wonders of life. It is our life, it is a glorious life, it is ours to celebrate and be grateful for. This is the kind of positive non-compliance we can be putting our energies into. Don’t let the dark ones make you feel life is grim and chaotic and desolate. It is grand despite what is taking place and the greatest statement we can make is to celebrate life!

We have been told all along what is right and wrong, acceptable or not acceptable. We have shut our true selves down to try to fit in with what is expected of us. It is no wonder we have so many shadow sides of ourselves we feel shamed by, it’s no wonder so many feel less than and are unable to feel comfortable in their own skin. The shadow sides of who we are are not BAD ! They are there to teach us lessons and to open our awareness to life. Seems like forever we have been told to work hard to try to eliminate the dark sides of ourselves. We don’t eliminate them, we should learn to first accept that yes they are part of who we are and everyone has them and secondly, we must learn to work with them, use them to grow from. To not love your shadow side is to not love your wholeness.

If you have a puppy or a kitten that has a stump tail, do you love it any less than if it were to have a whole tail? I seriously doubt it. You are going to love it unconditionally just as it is. So why do we see ourselves as any different? Our shyness lets say is no different from the stub tail. We may possess that quality but it is not the whole of who we are! I have always been a somewhat shy person but I have found a way to work with it. Being quiet,especially in a crowd, allows me the freedom to observe and learn far more than most others. This is how we work with our shadow sides. Don’t hate yourself for your shyness, work with it and embrace it as part of who you are. It is meant to be for a reason!

We spend so much time and energy fighting life the way it is rather than accepting it and looking for the reasons it is the way it is. There are reasons for everything and these reasons we can learn from and grow by and find deeper meaning within. If something bad in life is tossed your way, stop and investigate why it was tossed your way. Like the old saying goes, everything happens for a reason. We tend to look for the bad reasons and feel put upon by them when in fact if we looked deeper we may see the good that comes out of the bad. Why is it we always seem to take notice of the bad yet we overlook the good? It is time to stop doing this. It is time to pay close attention to what is right in our lives and regain our appreciation for life. We are taught to be burdened by life when in fact we should be celebrating!

It is time small towns as well as cities all around the country begin holding celebrations of life. No dates are needed, dates are an obsession with the dark ones, no instead we should honor the spontaneity of life and celebrate when the urge strikes, when we feel moved to do so. It is time to wake our feelings back up and begin to use them again as guides to live our lives by. For far too long we have floated through our lives on autopilot not feeling from our hearts.  Let us begin to hold celebrations of life all around the country whenever we are moved to do so as our way of non-complying peacefully and refusing to have our lives lessened from the glorious events they truly are. If we don’t honor life and celebrate its existence how in heaven’s name can we expect to see its value and respect it?

Blessings to you all,

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