Fran Zepeda – Ascended Master Lanto – Awakening into Oneness – 2 November, 2012

Received November 1, 2012

Ascended Master Lanto:

Greetings, all. I am Master Lanto, here to bring you tidings and Love from all the Spiritual Realm. It is not ever that I have appeared through this channel, but find it necessary to bring my words of encouragement for your Ascension through her today, my dear ones.

Throughout the times of your growth over the ages, over the eons since your fall into duality, I have been with you, watching your progress. I now again offer my support and my encouragement on your long but illustrious journey along through Ascension.

Many times you have wondered, as you trekked along this winding road back to Oneness, as to your value and as to your capability to succeed. Well, I am here to tell you that you are all succeeding beautifully. It was not for the weak of spirit or faint of heart to embark on this wonderful path you are all on, my dear ones. No, it took and is taking great strength and wisdom and courage to continue.

And for this I offer you my advice this day. With each breath you take, on this your fortuitous* journey into your Ascension, abide by your beginnings as magnificent Beings of Light,  that you have always been. You have tapped a great deal of that potential so far. What remains is for you to step up the pace, my dear ones.

Your potential is limitless to absorb the Light as it is pouring in in increasing amounts and no one is immune to or incapable of accepting the increasing amounts of Light as is being readied for your acceptance and sensitivities.

Your acceptance is key as you receive the next portal of energy, building as we speak. To be prepared, I offer you my contribution for your advancement, which is:

Begin each day with a prayer and a visualization of your being in a vast arena of Light. Imagine it to extend out for miles. Feel the vacuum as the Light swirls in ever-increasing circles and waves of penetrating bands of Light particles as you reach deeper with each breath you take.

Feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper with each breath, as you feel and visualize a vast column of Light forming all around you.  Take it one step further and imagine that you are glowing brighter with each breath. Get adjusted to the brightness, and then take it one step further and allow yourself to breathe in even more Light as you feel your cells and body light up even more, and suddenly there is no boundary between your body and the vast column of Light you are within.

Now, try to hold this image and feeling for as long as you can, basking in the radiant white Christ Light that you were so used to being within, and in, many eons ago. Repeat this daily if you will, for it will speed along your ascension and benefit not only your own ascension but the ascension of all Beings and of planet Earth.

I leave you now with a prayer you may wish to include:

“I absorb the universal white Christ Light of protection with each Divine breath I take, knowing that in doing so, I increase the magnitude of protection throughout my earthly sphere and the sphere of all the universes, of all the Beings that inhabit this earth and of all the Beings throughout the universes, forever on into eternity. I pledge my devotion to the greater good of all humanity, and of all the Beings throughout the multi-verses. I know myself now as a Multi-dimensional Being, equipped with all the elements necessary to emerge as the magnificent Divine Being of many facets that I am, and at the same time a magnificent facet of the Divine Oneness, of Creator of All-That-Is.”

I bid you farewell, my dear ones, with my own prayer for your magnificent opening of the precious flowers that you all are, so full of promise for your grand awakening into Oneness.

I am Master Lanto, at your service, always.

*Note: Master Lanto is using this word ”fortuitous” in the context of “being fortunate”, not in the context of “happening by accident”.

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2 responses to “Fran Zepeda – Ascended Master Lanto – Awakening into Oneness – 2 November, 2012

  1. Dear Fran and master Lanto — Thank you for this most timely piece. I have been asked to do some spirit work and was not sure where to start. This message has given me the first part of the information to begin. Blessed be.

    • Hi Alia, and thank you so much! So glad this helped you. Sending you blessings for your new ventures in Spirit!
      love, light and blessings,