Visionkeeper – How Will Things Look After The Shift – 3 November 2012


How will things look after the shift, will we even notice? Who really knows for sure, but I think if we open our eyes wide we will see it happening right now! The storm victims are not raging and looting as the dark ones would like. They are being orderly and helpful to one another. A whole city without much light and yet there is still order! This speaks volumes to what is going on today. Ten or fifteen years ago and all hell would be breaking loose.

The light continues to bathe the planet and people are beginning to shift. I doubt we will wake up on Dec.22 and pull back our curtains and the world will look different. It is a slow, all-encompassing process but it is indeed beginning to take form around the world. All the ads on TV about lay away plans and buying big screen TV’s on lay away I think are turning a lot of people off. We are starting to see buying things was a distraction, a trap to enslave us into debt. We don’t respond to that anymore like we once did, life means more, freedom means more and the old tactics are not working! Change is afoot and it is everywhere. Pay attention to yourself and the world around you!

I think if there were one word that could sum up what is needed for this shift it would be awareness (other than love of course). Be aware is the buzz word for 2012. It is imperative we remain aware at all times and take notice of what we are seeing. Take close awareness of ourselves, notice the little changes we are going through. It is time to awaken and start paying attention to our lives, turn off the autopilot and be prepared to feel again! People seem to be so afraid to feel their lives, numbness has been the operative word for so long. I guess it has been the way so many have been able to cope with life as we know it right now. Insanity on so many levels. Hiding our heads in the sand will not get us where we want to go, however. It is time to open our hearts and feel again and embrace life!

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I think allowing ourselves to feel again will be a huge part of this shift. The world hasn’t worked well for some time now and how could it? We have to know who we are, where we are headed, what we desire and be fully aware of life going on around us in order for the world to function as it should. The unknowing causes eddy’s that slow and eventually stop the natural flow of life, we become pulled down in the whirlpools and struggle against the flow to stay above the water. Feeling again will be raw on many levels. It may be startling, there may be pain at times like a foot that has gone to sleep and then begins to prickle back to life, but once it returns to normal, all is well. All will be well with us once we awaken and return to who we really are fully.

So how will things look after the shift? Probably pretty much the way it looks now, it will be the feeling of life’s return that will be so different, the coming out of the fog, the thawing out of our beings, the end to our numbness. Despite the uncomfortable moments, the awakening will be joyous, to suddenly be aware of each day as it unfolds instead of being on autopilot. We must try to wake up now however, no help move things along so we can all reach that magical moment. Start paying attention to your lives, tune yourself into knowing the truth versus the lies, get out of the past and future and anchor yourselves in the present moment. Be willing to release the old to make room for the new and above all have faith that all is as it should be!

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