Lucas – If It Is You – Be Your True You – 4 November 2012

If it you that reacts with  EGO on the reflections of the Matrix Illusion and other EGOs  that pose on you their EGO truths  it is difficult to find your way out.

If it is you that has seen that you react on every thing as if there was no truth or mirroring from you in this from your own EGO being called out. 

If it is just you imposing on others the views of EGO and thoughts of the mind that you produce.

If it is you that only can judge, cause pain, and attack if that what your EGO feels as being painful to itself.

If it is you that has the mind in the form of a puppet sitting on shoulder playing the game of right and wrong to your EGO.

If it is you that makes others believe in what way ever that love from the mind is what is true love unconditionally.

If it is you that knows that he is being caught in his own EGO and duality thinking.

If it is you that has more eye for the individual and groups interests and not for the interests for the better of all humankind.

If it is you that still thinks and not feels the truth.

If it is you that sees only materialism, power and control as that what is you.

If it is you that still acts if the change is coming from outward and not inward.

If it is you that never will see that we are the creators and manifesters of all illusion in 3D.

If it you that still needs to hold on that hand and follow the leaders, gurus, authorities, commanders in what ever they say is best for you. If it is you ………………….

It is not you. It is all your EGO and mind. If you can change your perception and see that your heart is your real thinking center as well the source of  your unconditional love and the connection to Oneness with all that is, you will change. This new perception will bring you bliss, the power of being in control of you manifesting, and having all that is as your potential as long as you are thinking from unconditional love and from Oneness with and in all. This is the real you. Be your true you.

Love it and feel it and be part of all that is in Oneness.

Love and light,


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