Marilyn Raffaelle – The Arcturian Group – 4 November 2012

Dear ones, we see much anticipation in all of you regarding your upcoming elections.  Please remember to use the guidance of your inner awareness and intuition  instead of responding to the  rhetoric of paid political messages.  Also, through a conscious  intention to elect those  who hold the most light, you will be guided to them–those candidates  whose intentions are to serve the people, and not themselves.  Trust your intuition dear ones, you will be guided.
Today we wish to speak to you regarding  supply.  Much of the world still  suffers deeply from   experiences of lack and limitation.  These dear ones resonate with the belief that their good  comes from outside of themselves and is dependant upon others, which in turn leads to fear, doubt and suffering.  Lack is the manifestation of the  belief in duality and separation–separation from everyone and everything including Source (God).    This  universal belief effects all, and still functions as power within the un-illumined consciousness.   The energy supporting  lack and limitation is  constantly being reinforced and added to through  universal beliefs of duality and separation.  These beliefs are in turn strengthened through world events, news reporting, and political rhetoric.  Appearances of lack are everywhere and that is why we seek today to speak of this–you are spiritually ready to look more deeply into the truth of abundance.
Because you are the manifestation of Source, you in your true essence, are Self-sustained and Self-maintained.  You see, abundance (completeness, wholeness)  is a law, a quality of Source and is therefore already present within the consciousness of every living Soul.  The reason  so many lack even the barest essentials, is because man is a creator  but through an ignorance of this truth he  has allowed others  to claim  wealth and power, while at the same time accepting  lack as his lot in life.
There is NO LAW OF LACK  dear ones.    Lack is a belief, a concept held true by most in the world  simply through un-evolved ignorance.  All embody and actually ARE the Divine completeness of Source.  It is time to clear these old beliefs and  stop looking outside of yourselves for everything you need.  This  is an important facet of taking back your power.  Start by consciously stating your intention to release and clear any concepts and beliefs you may still hold regarding lack and limitation, particularly  those regarding money.  Also state your intention to release the energy of any vows taken in other lifetimes, particularly vows of poverty, for vows taken with purity of intention hold intense energy.
Begin by releasing–getting the flow going while realizing  that because of Oneness, you can only flow to yourself, from one hand to the other so to speak.  You may think and say; “I have nothing to flow”.  We tell  you that this statement alone will assure  that you manifest exactly that–nothing. Remember, you are creators and your words and thoughts carry the powerful energy of creation.  Everyone has something with which they can begin to flow–clothes,  time, ideas, talents, and even a few cents.   It is important not to expect or look for a return,  for that is the seeking of ones’ good in the outer.   It is vitally important to  understand that when you give, you are not giving from a personal,  limited supply, but are releasing from an Infinite Source–the more that flows out, the more can flow in.  Through these realizations and actions, the flow of abundance can begin.
Since what we see,hear, taste, touch, and smell is a third dimensional sense of the spiritual  reality,  understand that all business and interactions among people are in reality, the flow of love (service or product) and gratitude (barter or payment).
Many have ignorantly  blocked their energy of abundance through holding to beliefs of how financial abundance must  appear–they believe that it can only come from investments, parents, employment, sales, etc.  Divine Consciousness has no limits and may unfold in ways  never before thought of if allowed.  What has been your usual medium of income may completely change…allow it to do so or you will block it.   A new financial system  is being readied for all, but this does not mean that you sit on your hands doing nothing for that is again, the looking for your  good outside of yourself.   All  who sincerely seek spiritual awareness must awaken to the deeper truths of abundance or continue to live with the creations of lack and limitation.
Abundance and supply does not refer only  to the financial.  When the realization that everything necessary is embodied within the essence of the I that  I AM ,  mind then interprets this awareness in the outer scene as… as what represents completeness for me which may not represent  completeness for my neighbor.  Mind manifests  outer experiences both universally and individually from consciousness–general world consciousness and individual.  A consciousness filled with the beliefs of duality and separation manifests as experiences of  duality and separation.   The realization of  this  is spiritual evolution.
Your true essence is complete–Self-maintained and Self-sustained.  Begin the habit of flowing  gratitude each and every moment for what you have in an awareness of I HAVE because I AM.   Look at the world around you; to the trees, flowing gratitude to them and for them–their beauty and service.  Look at your pets and feel gratitude  for their companionship, love,  and innocent faithfulness.  Flow gratitude to friends, families, and even “enemies” for the love, experiences  and even difficult lessons they present to you.  Instead of saying; “I don’t have”, begin to say “thank you” for everything in your experience and mean it, for  nothing is random and everything can be a step in your evolution if you choose.
As manifestations of Source, you have been creators but did not know it, and thus   ignorantly  created a world filled with lack and limitation.   You are now ready to  awaken and are beginning to realize who you really are.   Every time you say; “I don’t have”, you will perfectly create it, so stand “porter at the door” of your mind to any careless words or thoughts.
The two biggest hurtles for mankind in this powerful time of change and evolution is the shifting beyond  world  beliefs with  regard to relationships and money.  This does not mean that you don’t  use common sense in your choice of employment, business, or in the attainment of what you need, but simply means that you do what you need to do from a higher level of understanding; a living out from the realization  that you are Self-complete.
You are ready dear ones, you are ready.
We are the Arcturian Group

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