Jenna Freer – Freer Spirit – Freedom – 5 November 2012

Okay, okay, I know! It’s been far too long since I’ve written. My apologies. But here’s a bit of GOOD NEWS! I lost my job!

To some, it probably seems crazy that I’m excited by that. I mean, yes, there is a lot at stake. My house. My  vehicle. Everything I have worked so hard for. Yeah, yeah. I know.

I lost my job October 18, 2012, and believe me, I have gone down that fear path myself. Even though I’ve received GREAT messages from my Pleiadian Ring telling me not to worry. That there is nothing the banksters can do anymore. The house is mine. The car is mine. I’m FREE now.


Let’s focus on that.


What does FREE mean to you?

If the powers that be told you, suddenly, without any foreshadowing, that you’re FREE now… what would you do? How would you feel?

And… are you prepared for that?

If, suddenly, you had all this time on your hands… no job to report to… no obligations or responsibilities outside of yourself and your family members… how would you react?

Let me tell you, all the free time you think you have can quickly fill up with all of those things you’ve been MEANING to do for so long now! And, if it happens while you’re still stuck in 3D, it is best to keep busy so that you don’t start tripping down the fear path!

So, this is what happened to me.

Back in June, I reunited with my twin-flame soul mate. Good times! I immersed myself in that reunion, which is something that truly needed all of my energy. I got behind in my Akashic Readings that people had requested, and I had this feeling that I would never catch up with my 11-hour work days sucking out the remainder of my energy. You know how it is to be on cloud nine, and then have to drop down into the 3D doldrums. Ker-asssshhh. Ugh. And then to have to pull yourself back out again? Yeah, you know how it feels. It’s like dropping down into quicksand for 11 hours, fighting not to drown, and then hoisting yourself out of it. Recovery time is not as quick as you’d like it to be.

So, anyway, when “the boss” called me in to tell me he didn’t have enough work for two writers, let me just say I was… ELATED!!! I really didn’t even bother to argue that I had seniority, not to mention ten years experience over the other guy. I kid you not, as I stood there looking at “the boss” (I got to the point where I would never sit down anymore when called into his office; I wasn’t ever going to let him have the upper hand again) all I could feel was my spirit rising and the realization hit me. We’re separating. They’re staying in 3D, and I am finally rising up out of the muck!!!

Now, this is not to say that I wasn’t slightly miffed, but, of course, it didn’t last long. This meant that I got to leave early. This meant that I got to spend more time with my twin flame! This meant that I NEVER had to walk into that DULL, BORING, EGOCENTRIC office EVER AGAIN!!! YES!!!!

By the time I was packed up and pulling into a shopping center parking lot to text my twin flame the good news, I was feeling quite confident, telling myself, “There’s no need to panic. I can collect unemployment benefits. I can do that freelance copy work I was offered two weeks ago. I can DO AKASHIC READINGS for a LIVING now!!! I can help HEAL people!!!”

And then there was the voice. The warm familiar voice of my Pleiadian kin I know as Grandpa James.

“You’re free now, Jen.”

FREE??? Oh…. YES!!! I AM!!! I’m FREE!!!

Tears welled up in my eyes with the joy of that realization!!!

“I can finally do what I’m MEANT to do!!!” I told myself… and Grandpa James.

“Congratulations,” he said, “You have arrived.”

“I’m a lightworker now!” I cried.

“Yes, you are. And the Universe will support you.”

Once I let that settle in, I took a deep breath and realized, “Wow. I didn’t even freak out on my boss. I just walked on out without letting him have it the way I would have in the past.”

“That’s because you’ve ascended,” Grandpa James said.

Of course, I knew he didn’t mean COMPLETELY, but I knew that he meant I have ascended from where and how I used to be.

I don’t claim to be a master, by any means. But I definitely am more focused on the now moments. If I revisit the past, it’s fleeting, and only for recollection of a lesson I should have learned. I can control my thoughts much easier now. More optimism, less worry. AND… I don’t harbor much resentment or judgment toward my former boss or coworkers. I can tell you where I feel they are making mistakes, but I feel that is more discernment than judgment. That place was dripping with male ego, so it was never a good fit for me from the start. I just needed the money.

We sacrifice a lot for money, don’t we? Our hopes. Our dreams. Our self-worth. Our dignity. Our true talents. Our creativity. Our passion. Our freedom. Our light.

Yeah. We need to stop doing that. Or we will NEVER be free.

After all… none are free until ALL are free.

Let’s stop working for “the man” and start working for each other. Shall we?

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