Lisa Gawlas – A Consumation Of Divine Feminine Impregnating The Divine Masculine Is Happening NOW!! – 5 November 2012

(I choose this picture because a week or several ago, I had seen this formation of molecules in someones reading.  I about shit when I seen the same thing in relationship to sperm and egg… and I really looked for a picture of an egg entering a sperm, couldn’t find one!!  This image hit my holy shit meter!!)

Before I get into the most exciting sharing from the field and the energy of divine counterparts and their/our role in this amazing transition of energy we are now soul deep within, I gotta address something that is very much at the forefront of my mind.

I have received more links, more direction, more insight about cancer and the body that there is no possible way for me to even explore it all.  Perhaps it is more timely that my internet connection is down almost all day long since November 1st than I even realized.

Long before I even knew there was a path to be on, I have had a personal, intimate, communicative relationship with my body.  Only, before this path, I never really realized or had a context to acknowledge that.  I do now.  But not only do I still have this relationship with my body, I now have a full-fledged ongoing relationship with that which we call the Soul.  We are in this together.  Communicating… together… the three as one (Body, Soul, Lisa/Ego).

Several months ago, as the energies of ascension started to come together in unified oneness on earth and in our bodies, spirit, the field, whatever you want to call the source of information that comes thru readings and sharings, they have said over and over again, “the system of healing is an old energy, one that was needed to get us to Here.”  I had actually pondered last evening about whether I am actually Here with everyone else.  Especially given the days view of what Here means to us.  If my body is indeed out of whack, out of any sort of alignment with Love, then I would actually have to be a part of the old energy system.  The more I pondered this, the whisperings of my soul gave me my hope back… it said:

You cannot interpret the energy and language of heaven if you are not a part of it.  It is like claiming to know algebra without knowing the equations.   I don’t know algebra, it is very Greek to me.  I do know the language of Light.  I have set up Home T/Here.  Thru my sleep I feel like I was taken back home and given a pep talking too… not that I remember any of it, it is simply the feeling I had awakened with.  And if that wasn’t enough to hold my heart steady, I awoke to an email that will never leave my heart (thank you Katja):

Dear Lisa,

forget everything I wrote about being acidic or the treatments I
recommended. It was already growing in me when I was writing the email
yesterday but by reading Joshuas post on you fb page it slams right in
my face. You said: It is all about LOVE.

This is a lesson for all of us, about letting go, no need to save
others, to get on that small line between being there for somebody and
respect the free choice of the other, being a part of all that is
without changing it and so much more.

I don`t know how to say thank you for this great gift you are giving
to us. You said yes to this thing called cancer to give us all the
opportunity to thrive. How is it possible that a you can love so much /
be so much love to do this. I have no words for an act of love like

OMG this is what unconditional love is all about.
Sananda is not you teacher – you are a part of the consciousness called Sananda.

Thank you for being my teacher.

I´m feeling so deeply loved ! – did I say thank you?


And even last night, in the loving expression of my Soul, I got the new name for cancer: Can-Seer.  Internet juice allowing, I am going to set up a new blog today as a place to express my and Can-Seer’s journey together.  I do not want to keep talking about it here, this is not what this blog is about… not really anwayz.

I love you all so much and I know you have my very best interest and well being at heart and trust me, I treasure that so much… more than you will ever know.

Now let’s get to the yummy stuff of yesterdays connections!!  

I am in no way going to be able to adequately and deeply describe what we have become.  What the field of our life looks and feels like.  However, I will do my very best with the limiting use of words I have at my disposal!!

My first reading of the day was for the genuine – living together Divine Counterparts I had talked about several weeks ago.  I feel so utterly privileged to be sharing their journey together so we can all get excited and hopeful!!

I read for the man first and I was very baffled at what I had seen, and what I couldn’t feel… him!!

The field of energy was stretched out in the entirety of the “inner circle” of November.  Once again the dome was in place… containing and protecting.  There was not an inch of space that was filled with this pure energy.  The depth of color, the aliveness of the color… phew.  Every imaginable color from white blending into blue was present.  It felt very much like a living, breathing Presence.  An incredible collective of ascended master energy.  Not one part of this living energy system was individuated at all.  Hence, not being able to feel where my guy was in this…. system!

I started to realize what had really happened the first three days of November.   We moved from a singular entity looking and working towards the Field of Shambhala, to Being That.  Our hearts and our souls are very much a living organism together.  One energy, individuated by expression.

But right now, our goal is to feel ourselves as part of this living system of Light, because it is Who we are Now.  Each and every one of us… ascended masters finding our footing on new land.  To give you the enormity of this… I breath, you breath, your heart beats, my heart jumps for joy within your song.  I stop breathing, everyone in this collective is trying to catch their breath!  We are NOW ultimately and intimately connected… conjoined As One!

As I started to realize, I am not going to find the individuation that is this precious man in the field of Oneness now (and I also know, this is souly our orientation to the feeling, the Being of Oneness) I wasn’t sure I was going to do any sort of reading.  So we talked.

That talking reminded me of what I had seen just before I placed the phone call to him.  I looked at my calendar to see who was on my agenda next and the moment I realized it was him and his beautiful wife, I started to see a figure 8 laid down as if on the ground.  An energy flowing like sparkly liquid gold in the figure 8.

I could at least tell him that… and so I did.  In remembering and now talking about it, brought it straight into the field.  The more he and I talked, the more “present” this liquid figure 8 representing he and his wife became.  He also talked about their cat, who was set up directly in the center of the figure 8 energy.  The divine feminine adding and anchoring the glory of this moment together for both of them.

And then… phew baby… magic started happening.  This is the crux of what is happening NOW!!

I knew that if I could see his and her individuation of energy (which I still couldn’t thru the whole connection) he would be on the left side of the figure 8 and she on the right. I could feel that… just not see that.  As he was talking about his wife (which instantly brought her presence to the figure 8… hence feeling her on the right) a movement started happening.  The right side of the laying down figure 8 (across the field stretching from south to north, but ending in size at the east field) started to vibrate and lift upwards.  I watched in Holy amazement as the right side of this figure 8 (divine feminine) rose up from the ground and bent over the figure 8 creating two circles with only a fraction of an inch between the top (feminine) and bottom (masculine) and then… they merged as one expanded circle of energy.

A true and REAL consummation of the Holy Union!! Holy excitement batmen and wonder women!! ❤

What is funny, even before seeing this, I did hear the field saying something about their “coagulation” of energy that should be set around the third week of November.  As I was talking to her, I started to really understand the meaning of coagulation.  I thought of blood… it flows so freely in its stream of energy, so was their energy within that figure 8.  Then, when needed, that same blood start to link to each other, no longer a flowing set of cells, but a coagulated expression of the whole.  Congealed together.

I have a feeling, in some way, in our own way, we are all doing this congealing to and with the greater whole that we Now Are.

Of course the details of “how” are not for us to know up front… and the field is quite adamant about that fact!!  We are in a full one learning/expressing/Self Discovery phase and it is on us to do the plowing and understanding thru experience.  OJT to the max!! (For those unfamiliar… that’s On The Job Training.)

After I hung up the phone and waited for the internet to provide enough juice to send them their recording… I suddenly realized this placements importance.  The side of the figure 8 that represented him was up against the S.S.E. edge/wall/lining of the inner circle.  She was directly in front of the East field, new beginnings without a doubt.  She impregnated his energy field.  I could see the image of a sperm (without the tail of course) and an egg.  We are so accustomed to the egg embedding in the uterus and here, it is quite the opposite.  It was him being impregnated, infused with the wonder and joy of Divine feminine.  She is the one swimming… moving,… entering Him!!

How profound is that!!

They even talked about differently they feel in Novembers energy.  He is radiant, energetic, feeling the energy to the max (yeah, he knows she is going to enter him soon!!  smile, wink.)  She on the other hand, bloated, digestive clearings, tired, (takes a lot of work to get a man pregnant!! lol) not to mention being bent in half… if our actually body’s were bent in half we would feel it in our stomach!  And with her, there is a feeling of the first signs of spring, warm breezes and all that bulging energy coming back to life!

Last night, as I was doing my own pondering’s and looking once again and the profound energy field and the collective that is soooo alive within it and thought about Divine Counterparts.  Suddenly I knew that every stream of energy within this field, each contained a divine counterpart.  This time on earth is about the fullness of expression of Love and so every individuation DOES have a divine counterpart that, at the right time, will connect with each other.

Phew…. I am so glad to hear that!!

I have said this many times before, but I must state it again. Love is not biased or gender oriented, nor is it confined to just two people (wink.)

My last reading of the day… she indeed puzzled me!!  There was this living body of energy as was the case in every reading yesterday.  Only… I could see her.  She was holding this bright yellow umbrella that came down over her to her arms.  I found a picture on the net that is close (but not long enough) of this visual:

Take the bottom of the umbrella and stretch it to close to his elbows… that’s how big and covering her umbrella was.  But like the entire energy now encompassing November, the yellow was alive too.  I could feel it.. but this morning I realized it was emitting out from the umbrella, since she was in a protective mode within herself.  So what was trying to become her, was bouncing off the umbrella.  In this case, I knew the yellow represented the magical infusion of Sirius energy.

Even tho every ounce of her is very much in the fields of Heaven… this collective consciousness that is US, she brought an element of protection with her… which keeps her individuated…. but buoyant !  She was not on the ground, but like something out of Mary Poppins, was floating at the very top of this energy field.  It came with a feeling of not being here nor there… but afloat in the abyss, separate, but not seeing how very much a part of it all she is.

This morning I realize the fullness of what we witnessed together and how much re-orientation we must undertake to Be FULLY and completely an interactive part of the NEW!!  There is no room for defenses here…. for the feeling and need of protection.  Love is the protection and it within us and we radiate it outwards to the whole.

As she and I talked about this, golden sparks of energy started to fly out of her hands that were holding onto this umbrella… removing the clutch (if you will.)  The more we talked… I watched as her feet started to blend into the energy of the whole.  Releasing herself into the abyss of Oneness, together!

I know how incredible difficult it seems to let go of all that we needed so deep inside ourselves to get to Here… and then just toss it like a used toy… but it is crucial… again, depending on how much you really want to be a full on part of this energy consciousness… to LE T IT ALL GO!!

Nothing is as it ever was Here!!

And on that note, I am going to leave you with my own thought… I sooooo want to get a man pregnant!!!  (big grin)

I love you all…. so much.  We Are One breathe, One Heart Beat, One Energy System Loving completely and unequivocally!!

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