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Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 5 November 2012

As the Sun, Moon, planets and stars dance to the magical rhythms of deep space in a vast choreography that spirals through dimensions and cycles of time we enter November. The month begins on a reasonably orderly note as we travel a cosmic route through celestial tides that will be initiating a realignment of energy that supplies your biology (cells) with fresh programs of stability. Continue reading

Three CME’s Observed On Western Limb, One Could Be Geoeffective – 5 November 2012

Source: The Watchers, Chillymanjaro, 11/4/12
(Click on the link above to see the video mentioned below.) Magnetic filament eruption took place beyond the western limb, producing a halo or partial-halo CME on November 3. In fact, three CME clouds were ejected into space, with one appeared to have slight chance to become geoeffective. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Baltimore Announces City-Wide Surveillance Roll Out That Records Passenger Conversations On City Buses – 5 November 2012

(NaturalNews) The surveillance society continues to grow unabated, as the city of Baltimore becomes the latest governmental entity to trample civil rights in the name of “public safety.”

According to the Baltimore Sun, city officials have now authorized the recording of private conversations on public buses “to investigate crimes, accidents and poor customer service.” Continue reading

2 Minutes News – ‘Black Hole’ Flare – 5 November 2012

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Montague Keen – 5 November 2012

(Lucas : The new messages are not published anymore at the original website http://www.montaguekeen.com that also was a time totally lost from the internet. The message seems to be posted only now at http://www.galacticchannelings.com) Continue reading

John Ward – In Gold We Trust – 5 November 2012

Sovereign paranoia and bondholder debt mistrust mean the gold bonanza can’t be far away 

This from Zero Hedge yesterday:

China has a habit of being quiet for several years at a time, and then announcing big increases in gold holdings. So quoting old numbers will only mean that one is caught flat-footed as to China’s current holdings.’ Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Overcoming Disinformation About Who We Are – 5 November 2012

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NaturalNews – Jon Rappoport – Dying NY Times Now Tweeting The ‘News’ On Prop 37 – 5 November 2012

(NaturalNews) The latest reporter to dismiss the crimes of the NO ON 37 forces is Stephanie Strom of the NY Times. She’s tweeting. That’s right. The Times has hit rock bottom. Why don’t they just close their doors and fumigate the building?

Strom’s tweets are posted at her Muck Rack page:

http://muckrack.com/ssstrom Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Master Kuthumi – Preparation For Ascension Shifts – 5 November 2012

It is with the love of the Creator and great delight that I step forward to greet you today. My love is embedded within your being always, supporting and nurturing you with every moment of your ascension. For many of you I have been by your side since your first activation of ascension within your being. As a world teacher alongside Master Jesus, it is my purpose to guide you as to the will of the Creator for ascension on the Earth. As you are aware you are existing in most amazing and exciting times, where shifts are occurring every moment within your reality and the united reality of the Earth. Continue reading

Activist Awake – Bill Brockbrader Court Hearing 14 November 2012: A CALL TO ACTION – 5 November 2012


On Wednesday, November 14, Bill has a hearing with the judge, during which his attorney will argue to have the charges against Bill dismissed and the case dropped. Bill would be a free man. Focusing on this hearing is the best use of our collective efforts. Continue reading