Visionkeeper – The Waiting Is Over…- 5 November 2012

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The waiting is over and our time has finally come. I write this post with love and concern and not to scare anyone. Without dwelling on negative thinking, I think it is time to open our eyes and see the unrest that is soon to be upon us. No, I am not creating bad scenarios with my thoughts as many would have me doing, I am merely being realistic and looking at what is going on around us. Closing our eyes and refusing to entertain all thoughts is being unrealistic and not facing the reality of where we are on our journey.

Tuesday is almost here and I think there is a great likelihood that unrest will unravel on many fronts. A large portion of the country is waking up or already has awakened and for them to have either candidate win this election will be a disaster. Neither will bring about the change and light we are truly looking for. Whomever wins, the other side will be crying foul, vote tampering, which is highly probable and great dissatisfaction is going to bubble to the surface. This election does not have a happy ending if either side wins and the fact we were refused other choices to vote between speaks volumes. This election was decided on long ago and the farce of voting becomes more apparent by the day. Nobody’s vote makes a difference sad but true.

From here on out the road will be rocky and filled with boulders to get around. It is NOW we must all hone our skills at keeping calm and staying in our hearts for it is now we will be needed.If we are completely honest with ourselves, just looking at the reality of the past week should send chills up your spines. The lies are deafening. I remember the outrage during Katrina when no help was given to the people. “We are looking at what happened they said and we will know what to do better in the future.” They had no intentions of making anything better. They are doing in NYC and NJ the same things they did in New Orleans. Help the rich, ignore the poor and drag your feet. It is despicable and my heart goes out to all our brothers and sisters who are suffering.

It is time to wake up and stop denying what is taking place. It is time to wake up and realize it is time to be responsible for our own lives. These catastrophes have been showing us that truth over and over again, we cannot rely upon Government. We have become too complacent about assuming Government will care for us and we can just sit back and wait for assistance. NO! We are responsible for our own lives and we need to step up and claim it. We are here and able to be of help to one another if we just make the effort. We see the results of waiting for the Government plain as day. We need to step in and stop this problem,reaction,solution game they are playing to take away more of our freedoms. The barrier island battered by the storm is now under martial law! Open your eyes!

Between the stresses of Sandy and what happens on Tuesday I believe we will need to practice hard our abilities at keeping calm and remaining loving, as I think we will all be stretched to our limits in one way or another. We must hold the light before us at all times and envision the goodness this world is capable of. Be aware of possible disruption ahead on the road much like construction sites, but stay on the path and try not to venture off into drama that will be playing out before you. Make sure you have all your supplies in and are ready for anything. It will be those caught off guard who will suffer. Once again I don’t say all of this from a place of fear but rather from a place of lets just be prepared for anything. If we are not prepared and free of fear we cannot be of adequate help to others.

We have known for a long time that this last stretch up to Dec.21 would be a rough go of it as the dark ones are fighting hard to keep control over us. It is imperative we remember our strength and who we are and what is rightfully ours! Our freedom. Sooner or later we have to put our feet down and say enough is enough! It is time for the insanity to end. I hug each and every one of you and then we must head off to battle. The light will be with us as we head into the darkness and love will be firmly planted in our hearts. The universe is counting on us to pull this off so no backing out now! The world wants peace and love and it shall have it! May the force be with us all…

Blessings to you all,

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