2012TheBigPicture – You Want Truth? Check This Out… – 6 November 2012

While we’re waiting…

Someone on Drake’s FB page provided a link to this web site. I think it’s a Truth-seeker’s delight and may raise a few eyebrows on the faces of even the most wide awake.

If, after exploring this site, you feel foolish for being duped—don’t. We’re all in this together, and if 99 per cent were not also duped, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Here’s the introduction from the Home Page:

This is “THE place to find the summaries for the latest actor or individual family members playing a role in the main stream media. Visit it often for the ground-breaking, newest exposures. Evaluate and perform your own research on the latest imposters and staged events. Remember their faces, for you will see them again. Without this information, you may be fooled and manipulated into emotionally reacting to faked news events. You will never watch the news the same way again. The world is a much better place than you have been lead to believe.

“When reading this material and judging the research, information, diagrams, and photographic comparisons presented, there may be times you feel the truth is more frightening than any fiction. It is part of what Ed describes as “the roller coaster ride” of emotions that people experience when someone discovers that what they thought was history is a sham. The generations of faux leaders and actors thought we were fools when we gave them our greatest gift—our trust. Let us prove ourselves now wise by laying claim to our own destiny with the real truth once again.”

“Note: There is no charge for access to Ed Chiarini’s website, his videos or his supporting materials. Feel free to share the link to his website with others. As long as you do not change the material or charge for the information, you may freely distribute his videos and photo comparisons. No one should ever have to pay for the TRUTH.


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