Christina – Practical Insights For The Ascent Of Our Soul – 6 November 2012

This weekend I was in communication with someone who contacted me for Mentoring. At this person’s request I responded in writing and via a recording to provide assistance. This session falls under the realm of Mentoring.

A Mentor is what a spotter is to the gymnast. No doubt the spotter has previously mastered the skills of the gymnast and perhaps even became a coach. And yet the spotter does nothing more than provide a calm, steady assist. The gymnast has done all the earnest work, honed their skills and shows a degree of expertise.

Here is an abbreviated transcript of the response to this individual’s comments after he received my written response.

I share some practical statements for easy application to enhance one’s transformation. (The comment was with regard to the Higher Self playing tricks.)

The Higher Self does not play tricks on you. But the Ego does.

The Higher Self is supportive and attentive when asked for clear insights The response from the Higher Self may not sound so familiar to you as it is coming from a source of Inner Knowing.

Our busy thoughts can trap us by repeating the same thought over and over again. Our ego is an expert at this.

The Higher Self is calm, concise and unambiguous.

The Higher Self has our best and highest interest at heart. Rather than misguide you, the Higher Self will refrain, rather than trip you up.

The Higher Self is one with our wholeness.

These suggestions may provide you with a course of action best suited to your highest potential.

  1. Apply pure intention in exploring your thoughts and desires.
  2. Ability to know the difference between the voice of your ego and that of your Higher Self.
  3. Cultivate a relationship with the voice of your inner knowing. It is quiet, pure and steady.
  4. The true expert with the answers to your questions is already in you. Animate this expert.
  5. Perhaps if you reframe your questions, you will receive the perfect answers you seek.
  6. Access your innate child-like innocence to guide you. This is where a genuine and simple wisdom is.
  7. See someone as myself, as the spotter to your gymnast. You are capable and have the inner stamina to drawn upon exactly what you need.
  8. The ultimate Channel is inside of your heart. The heart is truly the door home. This does not mean somewhere else. The true home inside of you.
  9. Go into the heart and ask to be one with your knowing. You will then know what to do.

Your Higher Self will never betray you but the Ego will. This is the programming in our human condition. Our ego serves to wake us up so our Higher Self can intervene on our behalf.

Again, ask pertinent questions and you will receive lucid and pertinent answers.

Intend out loud, and claim what is inside of you, waiting for you to redeem it.

In the Sanctuary of Enlightenment, Becoming a Divine Human
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