Lisa Gawlas – The Infusion – Impregnation Of Feminine Energy – 6 November 2012

I had waited with bated breath yesterday to start reading the field and you (not that you are separate from one another, I just see it all differently once YOU are there in it.)  Just knowing the enormity of wholeness we have achieved and not only brought to earth, but is now expressing Here as a living entity.  I couldn’t wait to see what that even means to us.


When I cranked my antenna outside to start my first reading of the day, I just became frustrated!  To say I seen nothing, that would be a lie.  Somethings tho, are becoming more and more indescribable within the view.  The field was…. different.  Unrecognizable from the day before.  I suppose the closest description I could give is like a massive wood grain pattern that looked nothing like wood (smile.)  There was a movement to every grain, striation, stream… and trust me, not one of those words, fits.  There was no recognition of anything discernible (that is when I started to get frustrated.)  The multi-coloredness of the field was so deep and rich, it could have almost looked black… but it wasn’t.  Not at all.

As I struggled to both, see my client and understand what I wasn’t seeing (and really, that’s what it felt like, like I wasn’t seeing, even tho… I was)  I heard a word clear as day “changing.”  As I ignored that word (I was not about to accept change again) this crazy wonderful field of life started playing a snippet of David Bowie “Cha-cha-cha-changes…”  I have not choice now to bite… what is changing??  The reply: Everything.

Again?  Man, of flipping man… we have been in such a state of change since the start of the last week of October, how much more is there?  But most importantly… what the hell does it mean to us humans knowing things are changing, and yet, living a life that seems to change so little??

Even as I type that out, I am once again reminded this is an energy event on earth.  The absolute change happens in created matter when you use…wait… when YOU use the energy that is now very much a part of you.  This is no longer a passive game of change, and really, it never has been.  Action creates the energy of change.

Think of someone so hungry and in front of them a plate of all their favorite foods.  If they never put the food in their mouth, they remain hungry.  Maybe they are so hungry, they don’t even acknowledge there is food in front of them.  We get into a habit of being hungry and cannot even see what is in front of us.

Same thing with Now.  Only real difference is, the energy is not as visible as the food is.  This is where trust of knowing comes in.

As I was trying harder and harder to “see” for my lovely lady I could feel fissures happening in my own head.  Something was cracking… or so it felt.  We had no choice but to reschedule… and knowing this “change” was all-encompassing, my calendar day was, once again, going to be officially blown!

I had about an hour and a half between my first and second appointment, giving me plenty of time to get my new blog started, which I did.  But what ever started happening to my head from my first reading, was ongoing.  It was like there was this odd pressure now circulating from deep in my brain, pushing its way out, circulating as it expanded.  My whole body started to feel really odd, like turning into soup inside.

I knew that the sun had to be involved in some way.  I went to to if what may be up.  I knew right away!  The headline read:  CORONAL HOLE: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory is monitoring a dark hole in the sun’s atmosphere, a “coronal hole.” It is near the sun’s western limb in this extreme ultraviolet image taken during the early hours of Nov. 5th:

With this image:

The moment I read about the dark hole, I instantly thought about the book I just finished reading “Proof of Heaven” and when he was in the “core the heart of God/Creator and he talked about how inky black the Core is, how alive and expressive this vast blackness is… so much so it is really flooded with light (Hey, I have been seeing December EXACTLY like that, I knew, in the same moment of reading that about the “dark hole” presenting its appearance and flow on the morning of the 5th… THIS is what is happening.  This is the reason for the non-reading (yet information rich reading too.)

Look at that hole… looks a bit heart-shaped to me!!  Actually, it is VERY heart-shaped… the heart that represents love, not our actual organ!

As I continued to feel my whole inner body turn to soup, I got a very clear visual within me of that hole in the sun… the feminine energy pouring out of the masculine orb… on the WESTERN field (where AA Michael and that big mound of energy stood for 2 days in readings) I knew all those who have cleared themselves to be in what I call the inner circle of the field of November … everything is getting pregnant!  This is how the seed energy of the feminine is being loosed and penetrating.  And yet, it’s effect will be more radical on men than women (how, I have no idea, I just now got that message!!)

When my second reading rolled around, a beautiful lady in Amsterdam, who was already on the down side of her day…there was the very image of the sun I had seen on spaceweather, filling the changing energy of the field itself.  But with a slight twist… instead of that hole just being where it was when I had seen it… the whole sun was now that hole.  An alive blackness permeated…. EVERYTHING!!!

My last two appointments for the day were all over sea’s, so I had hours between my 2nd and third readings.  I was falling apart fast.  Inside.  This overwhelming sadness started to rain down in my now expanded energy field called my head!  It felt like the whole world just started crying and I was receiving the rain of tears.  It was not entering inside, but falling all around the expansion of energy I could so literally feel… very much like a cool spring shower, but sad, very very sad.

My last two readings, pretty much the same as my earlier ones.  Intense and vast change in every conceivable crevice of creation.

This morning, as I begrudgingly wake up at 2am (which is still 3am to my body) there was such a clarity of thought, or knowing, moving thru me.  Completely pertaining to me and my own “marching orders.”  And a realization that it is really, the same marching orders I have had since I started an outward expression of what I was understanding on this path.

I started to first feel how stuck in a box our science is.  Our religions are.  Our way of life has become.  I also so fully realized, that this precious metaphysical community has also created a box for themselves with very solid edges that needs opening.  Actually… destroying!  You can only grow so big when you are contained in a box of beliefs.  If you do not ever give up what you think you know, you cannot and will not outgrow them.

I suddenly remembered that precious breath of Light I breathed in, day in and day out from the very start of this journey in and thru meditation.  The only real reason (back then) I spent 30 minutes before actually getting into meditation, filling and surrounding my self with light was because those I looked up to, to help me understand this new, strange world I was now apart of… they said it was for protection.  The moment you enter meditation, there are oogly booglies just waiting to sneak in and attack.  What the hell did I know… I believed them and did without fail.

That is, until my (then) spirit guide Jill asked me why I did that every single time, each time, asking for protection with each breath of light.  I explained to her what was told to me.  Her loving response has stayed with me even thru now.  She simply said “Do you not trust that if you ask for protection once, we will surround you with protection forever?”  Quite honestly… NO.

We humanize EVERYTHING!!  Even our relationships with spirit, who have no bodies, no ego’s, no thing close to this created reality.  But, to help us identity  they appear in human clothes… and hence, we deepen the human aspect to a spiritual world that is beyond human.  As we are too!

That was the last time I breathed in protection.  I started to talk about how fearful we are even as we meditate, go Home to the world of spirit.  How we must let go of needing to feel protected (because that is a fear not a truth) so we can go deeper into the realms of Heaven via meditation.  The loving forum I had so trusted to trust me, started pushing back.  Telling me this is in no way true.  I was eventually kicked off that forum because what I was now learning in spirit was no longer in their realm of Beliefs.

This would not be the last forum I would be asked to leave due to the contradiction of what I was bringing forward and what they (who ever they are) learned to be true.

When I first started sharing about Shambhala and how important sex is to fully bring that energy here to earth… holy shit batman, I got clubbed!!  That was in 2008.

In between all of this “remembering” of my first waking hour of today, equally was the profound, and on all levels, medically impossible journey of Eber Alexander, M.D.  (The Author of “Proof of Heaven.”)  He contracted a deadly and super rare (in adults) virus called E Coli Meningitis.  By all intents and purposes, it was actually impossible that he contracted this virus.  But he did.  Boy did he!

Not only was it medically impossible for him to have this virus, it was also medically impossible he would survive it.  But he did!  And then some!!

By his singular presence in this world, he has opened a very stubborn bread of people to question, and hopefully, look beyond what they think they know… scientists.  Everything they know about disease and medicine, and not to mention, the brain, he is a living contradiction of.  EVERY-THING.

We metaphysicans have actually created the same, stringent box of our understandings and knowings.  Myself included… at least until now.

Not everything is as it seems, and often times, things are presented to be sure what is not seen, what is not accepted… changes.

And with that thought, this profound experience I am moving thru myself as a system buster, I invite you to follow and join me in my newest creation:

My Loving Journey with Can-Seer (aka cancer)

We are indeed a world of change, on every level, in every belief system.  Let go of all you think you know… because NO-THING is ever as it seems!!

((((HUGZ)))) of profound change to All!!

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