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John Ward – On The Money – 6 November 2012

An occasional column keeping a weather eye on the Prime Minister’s Privilege Extension National Invocation Service (PENIS)

New research shows that directors of firms in the FTSE Top 100 made an average of £4m a year, and their pay increases averaged 27%. No research at all suggests that any of those firms grew by 27% in the same period. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Step Out Of The Box! – 6 November 2012

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This quote pretty much says it all for where we should be right now on our journey. It is time we stretch ourselves beyond our limitations and go after whatever we desire. Remaining locked within our safe little worlds does not allow us to experience all of life that we are being offered. We dream about things, but rather than venture out to get to our dreams, we stay inside and just look at them through the window. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Summer Tierney – Voters And FBI Put On Alert: Massive Deceptions Found InThe No On 37 Campaign, All Documented – 6 November 2012

(NaturalNews) Campaign supporters of genetically manipulated foods could soon find themselves involved in a federal criminal investigation, related to their own manipulation of voters in California’s hotly debated Proposition 37.

Even as ballots are still being cast in the battle over the measure, which would require labeling for genetically modified (GM) foods, the fight is taking an unexpected turn – straight into FBI headquarters. The agency reportedly contacted an attorney for the CA Right to Know campaign, in response to an official complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Justice on October 18, which cited numerous, and likely criminal, actions by the “No on 37” campaign. Continue reading

Der Spiegel – Markus Dettmer And Christian Reiermann – Bailing Out Oligarchs EU Aid For Cyprus A Political Minefield For Merkel – 6 November 2012

The EU is likely to bail out the banks of tiny member state Cyprus with 10 billion euros of credit. But a Secret German intelligence report reveals that the main beneficiaries of the aid would be rich Russians who have invested illegal money there. It’s a big dilemma for Chancellor Angela Merkel. Continue reading

2012TheBigPicture – You Want Truth? Check This Out… – 6 November 2012

While we’re waiting…

Someone on Drake’s FB page provided a link to this web site. I think it’s a Truth-seeker’s delight and may raise a few eyebrows on the faces of even the most wide awake.

If, after exploring this site, you feel foolish for being duped—don’t. We’re all in this together, and if 99 per cent were not also duped, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Continue reading

Earth Allies – We Are Manifesting The Vision – Of Heaven On Earth=Heart – 6 November 2012

Uploaded on 5 November 2012 by Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Romney Still Ahead In Gallup Poll But Edge Drops To 1% From 5% – 6 November 2012

In the latest Gallup national poll, Romney’s edge has dropped to 1% (49% to 48%) with 3% undecided. In mid-October, Romney has as high as a 5% edge.

Romney’s Debate-Period Surge May Have Run Its Course Continue reading

American Kabuki – Israel And Iran Hold ‘Positive’ Nuclear Talks In Brussels – 6 November 2012


Israel and Iran hold ‘positive’ nuclear talks in Brussels Continue reading

Wes Annac – The Perspective Of One Who Is Brimming With Happiness – 6 November 2012

Well, how could I describe how I am feeling right now?

Infinite. Godly. Unlimited.

Full of brimming, higher dimensional potential that is just waiting to be expressed as the pure Light of Source that I am recognizing within myself. Oh, the channels are becoming so much more enjoyable to bring through. Editing the material is garnering such a sense of fulfillment, a sense of knowing that what I am doing is assisting others to find the Light and it is not just the channeled material I’ve brought through that I can feel is helping others; it is the Lightwork as well. Continue reading

The International Common Law Court: Genocide In Canada – 6 November 2012

Uploaded on 5 November 2012 by The opening case of the Court concerning crimes against humanity by church and state in Canada: The Indian residential schools