Ron Van Dyke – Our Votes Are Tallied Out Of This World – 6 November 2012

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It doesn’t matter who counts the votes on earth; the true accounting is measured in unseen realms. Election Day is about choice. Some say the Universe is stupid, that God does not record a negative vote. If we don’t want something, we get more of what we don’t want. In other words, a vote against injustice, fraud and war brings more of those very things to be experienced. Many buy into this interpretation. I do not. To me, a vote for peace is almost the same as a vote against war. Our Higher Self is not stupid as we have been told by those that do not want us paying attention to what is going on in the high places of human governance and control. As always, it is a great deception. The truth is: Our votes are tallied out of this world in the Akashic Records; and no one escapes responsibility for the choices made. God, who knows our hearts, is not mocked. What we sow, we reap. This is the time of accounting, the age when all secrets are being revealed openly.


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