Visionkeeper – Step Out Of The Box! – 6 November 2012

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This quote pretty much says it all for where we should be right now on our journey. It is time we stretch ourselves beyond our limitations and go after whatever we desire. Remaining locked within our safe little worlds does not allow us to experience all of life that we are being offered. We dream about things, but rather than venture out to get to our dreams, we stay inside and just look at them through the window.

This is not truly living ones life, it is just small bits and pieces carefully chosen by you and allowed to come into your life. All the fears that keep us locked within our small worlds are the very  things we need to face to grow and expand who we are. It is these very experiences which help us evolve and become all that we can be. It is time to take the key off the hook and finally open the door and throw open the windows and let in the fresh air of all possibilities.

It seems the biggest obstacle we have to get over these days is allowing new thoughts and news ways of seeing life into our space. Funny to think about really. Where did this fear of experiencing new things come from? What do we think is going to happen if we look at life differently? I would have to venture to guess the core of this matter as with so many, lies in not feeling secure within oneself. If we were secure with who we are and what we think it would not bother us at all to bring in a new way of seeing things. So there is the core issue we must work on to allow ourselves to get past this obstacle. Ask yourself what you are afraid of and begin to work on that. The time has come for us to expand how we see the world and to accept all possibilities so it is imperative we work through these limitations and free ourselves.

It is important to first begin this process by NOT judging ourselves and our limitations. We have been programmed for a very long time, beaten down and made to feel inferior. These limitations have been set into place by outside influences so don’t get down on yourselves! The trick is to locate the fears, understand where they came from and realize they are not really yours. This is not who we really are. Imagine in your mind what life would look like for you if you didn’t have the limitations. That is our goal, to achieve ‘that’ life by letting go of what is not ours to begin with and putting faith and trust behind this action. It is only ourselves who are stopping ourselves from living the lives we desire. We have accepted these false ideas about who we are and bought into these false ideas as being gospel truth.

Living in your heart will help with this process, to view life as being loving and feeling respect for all of life. We are more than what we have been allowed to be, far more, and we must recognize this and more importantly believe and trust in this concept. If you practice living this way everyday it becomes who you are now and slowly the old tapes playing over and over in our heads will become silent. Fear of letting go has its roots in not believing there is anything else once you let go. That is a form of scarcity thinking. There is always something to take the place of what you let go of because it is you who are creating it! We are the creators of what our lives are like, we are in charge, not somebody else!

So it is time to break free of old restrictive ways of thinking and open our minds and hearts to new ideas and concepts. There is far more to life than we have been seeing and living here on earth in the third dimension. Today is the big lie day here in America. There will be many comatose souls rushing out to the polls thinking the button they push actually makes a difference. Voting locally yes it will make a difference perhaps, but as for the Presidential vote, that person was picked for the office a long time ago. It is always someone who will continue to support the dark ones agendas that is chosen by them not us. Neither candidate is running on a platform that embraces the light, so the dark will continue for now. I imagine many will be angry and disgusted at the end of the day because of the outcome. Please realize this must take place to further awaken the masses.

Bush showed and taught us to awaken to evil and greed at all costs, even human cost, and Obama has taught us to recognize lies and thievery. Both of these people were fundamental in awakening the lights in every heart around the world. Their impact has been powerful and far-reaching, but without them we would not have awakened as we did. Each of them has been a gift to humanity. Just know whatever happens today is as it should be and if it is chaos, it is there to further push us along at a faster pace towards the light. If we were not reacting it would mean we are not awake and aware. We are aware now, so if we scream loudly it will be the roar of our battle cry, for we are done with all of the illusions.

Blessings to all,

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