Wes Annac – The Perspective Of One Who Is Brimming With Happiness – 6 November 2012

Well, how could I describe how I am feeling right now?

Infinite. Godly. Unlimited.

Full of brimming, higher dimensional potential that is just waiting to be expressed as the pure Light of Source that I am recognizing within myself. Oh, the channels are becoming so much more enjoyable to bring through. Editing the material is garnering such a sense of fulfillment, a sense of knowing that what I am doing is assisting others to find the Light and it is not just the channeled material I’ve brought through that I can feel is helping others; it is the Lightwork as well.

I can’t imagine what my spiritual resume would look like. “Yes, I’m Wes Annac and I’m a registered Lightworker, channeler and spiritual blogger. I help the New World to come into shape by bringing Lighted energy through myself and writing hopefully-helpful columns for fellow travelers along this crazy ascension journey”.

I think Michael would hire me on the spot!

Even right now, I don’t feel a need to write but simply a want to. When one reaches a certain point of brimming happiness, they just want to express it to everyone around them in any way possible. I’ve began to feel the personal Light signature that I hold within and I implore, no I beg you to find it within yourselves as well because I tell ya, dear friends – it feels absolutely wonderful!

And oh yes, I’ve went through my low points and down-times and I will probably continue to, but the heck with ‘em! They are having such a smaller effect upon me than the continual bursts and surges of happiness I’ve been experiencing lately, just knowing and feeling that the heaviest lifting has been done and we can ‘sit back’ while happily working quite hard to bring this heavenly and harmonious New World into full form, shape and being.

I’ve been feeling literal bursts of happiness in the past few days that seem to come out of nowhere and there have been times when I’ve nearly ‘jumped out of my skin’ when such happy surges of energy come through me. I can feel that I’m being readied with such bursts to host the feelings of happiness prevalent within them, in much purer and more constant ways within myself.

Just thinking about the world we are heading toward has filled me with brimming, happy and excited energy that is being expressed in wonderful, short bursts!

I can actually remember going through a recent conflict with one who is close to me and rather than reacting to this conflict how I normally would, I remember examining both sides of the conflict and viewing the entire matter from much more of a balanced and outward point of view than I would have attained normally. I realized that I have actually been gradually and steadily working my way up to that understanding with every conflict or debacle I’ve experienced!

I actually found myself meeting that feeling of ‘wait, I’m still going through this?’ when examining the matter from a higher dimensional, balanced perspective. I am feeling in myself the strong impetus to cease my own feeding of any type of conflict completely, forever, because it is just out of resonation with the realms we are heading toward!

The more I visualize, see and feel the realms we are heading toward, the more refined they become within myself and as practice does indeed make perfect, I’ve been able to discover a readied higher dimensional perspective in myself whose influence is growing within me with each realization of how much I haven’t been feeding this perspective.

As you realize you may not have been feeding the aspects of your Self that will drive the higher dimensional experience you wish to grow toward and find all throughout this Earth, you too will find a readied and pre-Created higher dimensional perspective that will steadily begin anchoring itself unto you with each realization on your part.

Heavens, I could express my happiness and what I’m beginning to learn all night! But I must allow this old soul to rest [ha! I have no right saying that in such a young body]. I know that my perspective could temporarily shift as a new day comes and I am met with new challenges as we all will be, but what is so remarkable is that despite the difficulties I experience in my Life, I always find my way back to that perfect spiritual center and I am always delivered fully into the Loving, warm, energetic arms of our Creator.

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., and hailing from the land of happy times!

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