Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Freeing Love – 7 November 2012

God said:

A parade of love is going on all over the world, and you are the leader of the band. There is a march of love on the rise. Love is bursting through the shell of what was Life. Now, love is on the rampage! Now there is a riot of love and more love. Love is taking over. Love has taken over.

What once felt comfortable no longer feels wonderful. Is it a wonder that love reigns supreme?

Love is greater than anything else. Loving feels right. Unloving does not.

When you lose a loved one, from whatever corner, you tend to suffer. You say you suffer because a loved one left. You suffer because, since a loved one left, you squeeze your love shut. You do not know that you can love even when another’s love has taken a new position. Therefore, your heart aches and breaks because you are squelching your own love. You think you have to for self-protection. Love needs no protection. It is your own attachment and your own ego that need to be booted out.

What are your thoughts when another’s expression of love has left you? Your thoughts may be: “I cannot live without my erstwhile love. I cannot live in joy.” You are saying that outside is the field of your love, that it doesn’t rise from within you. You took someone else as a signal for your heart to open. You forgot that your heart is to be open of its own accord. You think your love is dependent upon other things.

Because someone has withdrawn his or her love, or so you think, through any kind of departure, you hang your head. It feels to you that all is lost. It seems to Me that you are easily swayed from love. Feeling bereft is not love. Agonizing is not love.

If remembering a lost love hurts your heart, you weep for yourself. Alas. You feel damaged. You have damaged your own heart. Love is not something you hold onto with your fist. If your love is destroyed, then you have a grievance with love. What another does is his or her business. What you do is yours.

You can live without another’s love. What you cannot tolerate is your own dismissal of love.

No more are you to contract the love in your heart. Don’t say you can’t help yourself because, sooner or later, you will help yourself.

You’ve been through this before. You have been Romeo or Juliet before. You have been a tragedian. No longer are you. It is not heroic to suffer. You may have thought it was. It is selfish of you to suffer. It is not noble to be a martyr. You are not a martyr. You are a human being who denies yourself the love in your heart. You are also a human being who can love and love, and you don’t need an object. You just need to love.

Recovering from a broken heart is renewing the viability of your own love. You sequestered it. You said to yourself: “If I cannot have so and so the way I want so and so, then I cannot love.”

Then, what you do, is to pout. You pout because you feel denied, and therefore you deny. You put yourself through this. You don’t have to.

I well know how serious it is to you. How serious it is to a child when he loses his favorite marble, and he cries. As he grows up, he doesn’t cry about marbles any more. He cries about someone who doesn’t make him first any longer. Now, you, let go of restraint. Now, you, free your love to fly. Free yourself. link to original article

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