Lisa Gawlas – We Are “The Legions Of Light” All Suited Up And …Ready! – 7 November 2012

My eyes popped open at exactly 3 am this morning with one lingering question on my mind… who won the presidential election.  When I went to sleep, I actually was worried.  Romney was up 52% in the popular vote (which doesn’t really mean a damn thing in this country) but also 50-60 electoral votes ahead of Obama.  For the first time ever, this election will affect me personally.  I have no insurance and had a cancer removed with a lot to still explore ahead of me.  True health care reform is now a very personal thing to me.  I am so grateful, beyond grateful… that the angels holding the white-house in their Light, both on the ground and in the unseen world… prevailed!!  THANK YOU!!

And if I can give a shout out to Colorado and Washington States for allowing, voting for and passing, for the first time in our history… recreational marijuana use!!  Change has come!!  So will new tax revenue dollars too!  Good on ya!!

In the field of our Light yesterday, change was still holding strong.  Pulsing even!  There is no conceivable way to even come close to share what I seen and felt in the field, no readings, but a pulsing energy field filled with Life and Love.  It did feel, very much, like the pregnant energy of the day before was sealed in somehow.

But once again, those incredible conversations that is had in place of readings, so incredibly revealing too.

I take in sooo much information on any given day, hell in any given 30 minutes of reading, that by the time the next day comes and the field changes, I really do forget a lot of the things I had seen days or weeks prior.  These conversations, I feel, are as important to our journey together as the readings themselves.  We have time to remember.

For several weeks in October, I had seen that floating wedding ring, golden band of energy in the middle of the first week of November.  It had been a constant on the field thru the readings until the very last of October when it changed from a golden band floating just above the ground to what I had called a golden swimming pool (simply because that is what it looked like.)  I should have known by its constant presence, its transformation to hold together those of us who worked our asses off to be energy and emotionally ready to be housed in this ascension body on earth…. the middle of the first week of November was going to be Life changing.  But I forget…a lot!!

Thru one of the conversation yesterday, I remembered!  Of course it would be this massive… this huge of a change.  How can it not be!!??

There is a little part of me, that kind of gets jealous about how I see the field when YOU are in it.  And I promise you, that is not a negative thing at all… quite the opposite.  The field Lights up bigger and brighter because you are in it… very very very different from when I do my own meditations.  I do not see like I do when YOU are present, of course that cuz there is only one light bulb on (giggle.)  All this “breaking news” from the field, comes thru our conjoined Light field, and to it, you always bring a piece no other soul on earth carries.  For which, we are ALL grateful!!

But my own question burns bigger than ever before…. what does this mean to us??  In between my 3rd and fourth conversation of the day (smile) I took a bath.  I did not expect to see anything or go anywhere, just given the flavor of the field for the last few days… boy I was instantly surprised!!

I didn’t even sit down in the tub yet when I had seen a flash so bright it almost knocked me over!!  What was even more surprising was this intensely bright light shot out of my own heart!!  What the hell is that??  As I sat down and centered, I just started crying.  Not only was my own heart billowing pure radiant white light, there was also a solid white glowing anchor hooked directly inside my heart.  I knew in that moment, we are not only anchored into the Light of Pure Love, IT is also anchored in us.

I simply laid back in my tub, thanking all of us for what this really means to us… to earth and all the multi-verses that unite in the heart of Love.

The moment I laid back… I seen us.  OMG did I see us.

Once again, I had forgotten a detail that was so prominent in the field on November 2nd and 3rd… a 20 foot (again, scale of my readings) Archangel Michael standing on top of a 30 foot mound of pure harvested energy.  He was wearing a flowing white robe all the way down to his feet.  He had sandals on his feet.  Like I said before, I could see every detail of his giant-ness, except his head/face.  But now, I understand why more than ever.

When I closed my eyes as I rested against the back of the bathtub, there was sooooo many people in the East field all heading towards the West.  Every single one had on a flowing white glowing robe and, altho I didn’t see anyone’s feet (there was just too many people) I knew they/we all had those sandals on.  My view was as if I was actually in a reading, so I seen everyone from the backs of their heads.  Men, women, all shapes and sizes, all variations of hair color and length.

Let me make perfectly clear here… that robe each of us has on now… was alive with Light.  It was not made of any sort of clothe, but of LIGHT itself!  OWN IT!! (smile)

I knew in that moment… the transformation of US had taken place.  There was a feeling… an indescribable feeling that permeated every molecule of air surrounding us.. a unity of Love and so much more than that.  Words tend to water down, more than express, the truth of the feeling.

In a voice that seemed to be coming from everywhere I heard “You are the Legions of Light.”    Altho I felt Archangels Michael’s presence everywhere, it was not singular but us.  ALL OF US!!

What is kinda funny… I thought about my lady from days ago, holding the big yellow umbrella.  She was there in the masses that is US.  I was so happy.

What I do understand so clearly, we made sure we brought each other Here.  It was not a single work of art, but a genuine group effort.  We ALL arrived Here together, as One.  Helping each other every step and stripping of the way.

We are The New Beginnings on earth.  We are the energy of the East, flooding consciousness, hearts, hope… together… a group energy working as a singular organism  individuated with uniqueness, strengthening the All.

I felt a million emotions all at the same time in that moment.  But mostly… surprise.  In 7 readings in the last 24 hours… this was not shown at all.  Not even a small little glimpse.  I knew whatever this “change” was, was happening to all of us, and morphing from the singularness that got us to here, into a unified group energy that will move forward from here on out.  Ohhh the humor of our beloved Michael… he simply said, you are always  complaining I don’t get to see the field in my meditations like I do in readings, so this was not only a gift to me, but a great way to prove me wrong and shut me up!!   I so love that Angel that is NOW US!!!

I was hoping that with my last reading of the day, maybe we can open this up more… get more details… some meat or potatoes, right now I don’t need both!!  Nope.  But I suppose, in a way… yes.

That bulging mass of deep dark, radiant energy that is now US and the FIELD as ONE was ever-present .  But then… something new.  There was a crackling gold energy vibration radiating from around this orb… that sun, that actually, until this morning, how did I not notice it was a super sized orb?  And the song that was emanating from it… OMG, the sounds of heaven was singing in that crackling golden energy coming out of US.

It was a perfect way to end a magical day!! And start one!

It is going to be really interesting to see what and how the field… and you look today!!  I soooooo LOVE my job!!  Thank you soooo much for supporting it (my job) and ALL of us thru this tremendous stage of change!!

I Love YOU… I Love US… Together as ONE!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of unified sunshine and anchored Hearts to ALL!!

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