Meredith Murphy – Message From Archangel Michael – Dancing With Your Inner Sun: Building Illumination – 7 November 2012

Beloved Family of Light,

We initiate today a newness within our collective radiance, that opens up new opportunities for light to structure and present itself on Planet Earth.  This newness is initiated by your participation and by your willingness to completion the duality paradigm.  It is this courageous remembering which is facilitating the initiation of this newness, which will usher you into the New Year, the year of the Water Snake, with a clear understanding of how the lens you are will exemplify and present LOVE.

As you begin to allow yourself to explore the new spaciousness emerging, simply noticing, you begin to engage with the newness in a creative way.  What you are noticing, is what amplifies your own joy. What version of experience you find most exhilarating and then as you hone in on those qualities which represent the most idealized, most elevated expression of the Divine Light here on Earth AS YOU, you then begin to notice, what experiences, what relationships, what forms of fun, what places, focus, expressions amplify and fan the flames of that version of light, and what diminishes it.

You also, simultaneously notice that which amplifies your energy and that which drains it.  You notice when you are expanding and allowing other energies in because you may be uncomfortable with your own greatness, so you “leak it out” a bit, dimming your light.  So many experiences of being met as light with less then loving energies have created deep patterns of protection and anxiety in human collective patterning.  Drop these.  What is you simply decide you no longer need protection?

I, Archangel Michael, who am often called upon to protect you speak most clearly now: you do not need protection–from me or from any outside yourself.  The time has come to dissolve this illusion and embrace your own ownership of this vessel and experience.  You create your experience.  You can choose to cultivate such that you are never met other than how you wish to be.  How do you do this?  You do this by meeting yourself as you wish to be met, of course.  {Smile.}  For as with all of life, the experiences you have simply reflect what you are resonant with and have focused upon in a way that has accumulated into form and experience.

Light on Earth is abundant!  There is room for your brilliance!  There is no need to hide your light!  You are clear to come out and play with the fullness of your being. You have developed enough experience with sovereignty to recognize when someone else is triggered by you claiming your light–triggered enough to project their anxiety of being whole onto you.  You can smile at them knowing that they too are trying to find that inner path that leads to confident self-expression! You are the example lighting the way.  The light at the end of the tunnel.  The promise land made manifest!  You are the promise and the light embodied.  Glory be.

Heaven on Earth has arrived.

It is YOU! In all your glory!

Oh…! I am FILLED with delight!

I AM Archangel Michael

* This message was given as part of the transmission to the Legion of Michael today, November 6th.  In the intention for the energy infusion, Michael shared that this message is being transmitted in part to:

“…explain the current of energy initiated by the collective accomplishment of humanity’s remembering, and amplified by the Cross-Quarter Day energies. This energy hints at the wholeness returning to Earth as remembering and also as the Cosmic Perspective of knowing, referred to as the perspective of Infinite Time–the doorway or portal of experience opened by 11-11-11…”

For more on this please see this channeled message from the Council of Light: The Doorways of Infinite Time. link to original article

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