Ron Head – Do You Feel The Energy Of This Day? It Is One Of Hope – 7 November 2012


Our message for today is one of assurance and support.  On this day the people of the USA will tell the world, and each other, what kind of future they desire.  We know that each of you is supporting them in your hearts, as well.  Lightworkers around your world are waiting and almost holding their breath in prayer for the results.

Instead of holding your breath, dear ones, breathe deeply and send your intention for the new world you desire into the consciousness, the collective consciousness.  There are many millions voting with their intent this day who do not reside on those shores, but who do reside in that consciousness.  Hold space in your hearts for the new to manifest, for the light to assume a greater role in the governance of that land.

On this day, much will be set into motion that has been waiting its time.  Its time is now.  Your time is now.  It is time for you to begin to look for opportunities each day to say or do something which will increase the light upon your world.  Find something, big or small.  You cannot, in fact, see far enough ahead to know how big or small that word or act may become, at least not quite yet.  But the time when you begin to realize the effects of your causes approaches.  Perhaps it will serve you well to assume they will have immense effects just beyond your sight.  That is not so far from the truth, after all.

Do you feel the energy of this day?  It is one of hope.  It is huge and growing.  Add to it, will you?  Vote with your love and intention.

The portal opening of the eleven-eleven has begun to widen.  Let us go through it in style, with our eyes open and our hearts in song.  We will speak again before that day.

Good day, dear hearts.  No… wonderful day!

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