Wes Annac – A Chat With The Hathors: Astral Landscapes And Unfolding Perceptions – 7 November 2012

Wes: Dearest Hathors, I would like to perceive of the realities you reside within. I will go into a light meditative state and attempt to receive the impressions sent from you.

I perceive of a colorful type of jungle, and the image reverberates and shifts between the jungle and a pure reality that seems only to be comprised of color and sound. I am getting an image of both places, seeming to overlap each other.

The Hathors: What you are experiencing and feeling are our pure realms of full consciousness that we exist within upon your Earth, as well as a more toned-down version of such realities that will match your physical perception and understanding of these realms. You would best recognize these realms in your current state, dear Wesley, as realms that would match a landscape that you are used to.

You experience a heavenly type of reality as one where there is nature surrounded and colors abound and as such, we allowed you to perceive of what can be referred to as a denser version of our reality and where we are currently existing within the higher astral planes of your Earth but again, you are seeing a simple representation along with the pure realms that you are still having your own degree of trouble experiencing [purely] but that you are perceiving of quite finely.

Wes: I see. I’ve lightly perceived of this type of reality for some time, especially when thinking about you guys. Have I been routinely taken in my third eye to your realms, and are they what I’ve perceived of more and more lately?

Hathors: You have perceived of our realms and a vast plethora of other Lighted and colored realms of full consciousness that you are to experience upon your growing back into these wonderful and pure states of consciousness that you have allowed yourself to temporarily exit whilst you underwent your lower dimensional Earth experience.

You perceive of us and our realms through your own conceptual lenses and barriers but you are making wonderful effects upon your surface experience even with your ideas to further explore these realms in any way that you can. Each and every dear soul who is absorbing this communication is wholeheartedly invited to exist within our realms and to open yourselves up to perceiving them.

Oh, dear Wesley, there are many types of ascended Earthly realms that you have experienced and while your linear experience of time is beginning to merge, we say that you have been perceiving of and ‘zooming ahead’ so to speak to various ‘times’ throughout your remaining Earthly timeline wherein the change on your world [is picked up].

Wes: I see that you are referring to the ‘visions’ I’ve been having of many people repairing the condition our world has been in. I’ve been seeing get-togethers between all mankind [and animal-kind] that are just so heavenly and harmonious, and I’ve felt glimpses of the happiness we’re all going to experience as we rebuild this world.

Hathors: Oh yes, and there is so much work to be done. But we refer specifically not just to those realms and the ‘timeline’ so to speak that you speak of; we refer as well to your glimpsing-into realities that go far past the rebuilding of your world, and what you are seeing is the collective of Earth having long rebuilt the condition your Lovely and beautiful world is in.

You are perceiving of a collective of Earth so advanced in their dimensional nature that they too have surpassed even the realms of the fifth dimension and entered realms that are so very pure, that you can only perceive of them at present through your own limited perceptions.

This entire lesson been just that, dear Wesley; a lesson. You were first shown the representation of our realms and the realities of pure color and sound that you are to become used to, and you have also perceived of your dear Earth when She is existing within realms that are so pure that once again, a necessary representation was used so that you could best recognize, understand and inquire about such realms.

Wes: Ah, I see. Thank you so very much dear friends! I have enjoyed this chat exponentially. I’m wondering what the difference is between my receiving ‘flashes’ of places within my third eye and my perceiving of glittered, colored specks of meditative energy. I’ve heard that the ‘specks’ are the borders of the fourth dimension becoming known but what are the origins of the flashing impressions?

What you experience with the glittered and colored particles of Light making their way to your perception are indeed specks of energy that are forming the barriers of the fourth dimension. You are growing increasingly toward the realms of full consciousness and you are beginning to access them within yourself but it is important not to look toward your ascension or the vibrations unfolding within yourself at this time, in a linear manner because doing so could see you inhibited in the understanding of all that you are perceiving at this time.

We will make our attempts to be as clear with this explanation as possible. To a linear-based mind, it would seem difficult to attempt to wrap one’s head around the concept of experiencing aspects of oneself in accordance with one another, but this is what you are doing with your perceiving of the glittered and colored specks as well as the flashes of astral landscapes and memories that many perceive at this time.

You are accessing a surface part of yourself who is beginning to become familiarized with the realms of the higher dimensions with your perceptions of the glittered specks of energy and at the same time, as you open up and discover parts of yourself that you had kept hidden-away for so very long, you are also beginning to regain a temporary and short-lasting [at this point] but still very real perception of realities that are much purer than the simple colored specks you are receiving.

You are uncovering and becoming re-familiarized with surface parts of yourselves that have been hidden-away, as well as the much deeper parts of yourselves that have been hidden-away and as a result, you are experiencing the unfolding perception of different layered aspects of yourselves. You are uncovering the ‘shallow’ side so to speak and do know that we do not say this in a judgmental manner; you are uncovering and re-familiarizing yourself with the shallow and the deep parts of yourself and this, dear heart, is why you are receiving impressions of differing purity.

Wes: Thank you so much for that explanation, dear friends! If I’m ‘getting’ what you are saying correctly, it seems that we are not experiencing our ascension in a linear manner and are rather, unlocking various parts of ourselves all at once and this accounts for the receiving of glittered and colored meditative specks of energy as well as the flashes of much more pure realms.

Well, I haven’t done a communication in this manner much before, so I wouldn’t quite know where to take the conversation.

Than allow us to speak, dear Wesley! We have so very much to say and so very much information to give. At present, humanity is facing a critical juncture in your natural evolution from the realms of the third dimension to the infinite realms of the fifth.

You are to be passing through very pure gates of energy in the immediate time ahead and we say that your month of November will be so very potent in terms of the amount of change it is to bring forth on an energetic and physical level. You may find continual upheavals within your personal Lives but of course, only if you are still working through densities in yourselves that such upheavals would serve to expose.

There are of course, so very many of you who are indeed at the end of your personal Earth experience at this point and who are finding a lasting peace and harmony within yourselves that is simply unparalleled, and we say that you are coasting along your Earth experience with very pure energies that are guiding you to the realms of full consciousness, one moment at a time.

Those of you who are still considerably more stuck within the dense realities of your former Earthly selves may find this period a bit harder and may go through the necessary initiation-points into a purer and clearer understanding, and we ask you to remain strong and steadfast for you are Creating the change that you have wished to see upon your Earth.

Wes: Well, thank you a thousand times over dear friends! We’ve had quite the discussion on this night, so I may simply call it a night and rest now. I look forward to more chats in this manner and I’ve quite enjoyed myself.

Hathors: Indeed dear Wesley, and keep thinking of the questions!  We wish to do anything that we can to see you dear souls finding these heavenly and wonderful states of consciousness once again.

We wished to incarnate on the surface of your world, but we found ourselves unable to withstand the massive density that is still prevalent upon the surface of your world and within the collective consciousness and this is why we have allowed ourselves to perform the energy work for your world that we are performing [from higher Earthly realms] and we do not exaggerate when we say that you dear souls and the efforts you are making are quite literally enabling the work we have taken-on in steadily increasing the purity of energy every single time it is given to you and your world.

You are pillars of Light in so many senses of the term and the Light that you hold within is being maintained by us, by your Galactic brethren, by the Ascend Masters and by so many other facets of the ascended collective. As always, you are all Loved exponentially, infinitely and beyond measure.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

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