Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – From A Higher Zone – 9 November 2012

God said:

The difference between you without your body and you within your body is that, body-less, you have no difficulties. You cease to be a worry-wart. Your attitude is transformed into ever upward and onward. You leave the rag-end of things where they lie. It’s not that you assume angelhood. You don’t become it. You just leave all that which assailed you behind. You free yourself from whatever pulled you down to only the surface of life on Earth. You flew away. You were able to teleport yourself to where you always were anyway. You chose to favor Heaven, and now, in the non-place seen as the Realm of Heaven, you see everything, everything, every bit of your life differently and everyone else’s too, for now you see from a Higher Zone, shall We call it.

Now you are able to focus on what is true and not on death-defying acts and that which was cumbersome if not outright objectionable to you whilst you stood on Earth.

Of course, in what is called death is a form of ascending. Your body may go underground, but, you? You never. In every day of your life on Earth, every moment, you are also ascending. You are propelled, beloveds. Truly, all your life is not left to chance. You may see it differently, yet all your life is not chance. It is programmed. You programmed it.

And now, as you ascend, all the programming is behind you. Or, We can say that you have a different kind of programming. Now it is all Good Will. Now you do not even quite comprehend what worry is or what it was all about. Here you are fully in the bright sunshine of My love. Where can darkness or doubt harbor in the bright sunlight of love? Doubt and darkness do not even exist in order to provoke you. They are no bother at all. They find no refuge here in Heaven.

You might call Heaven a refuge, yet Heaven isn’t a refuge. It is not hiding-place for anyone or anything. All is seen here, and all is seen, not as you thought it was, but as it is. All is seen in the eyes of the beholder and in the eyes of the Beheld. When you accept the Bright Light that you are, what can you see outside that Bright Light? Nothing. Nothing at all. Now you cannot see what is nothing at all, that which you, enclosed in your body, used to see when, beloveds, you had not yet eyes to see.

Now the film from your eyes has been erased, and you can see! You can see! You can know! You can know everything that once upon a time, when you lived in a body on Earth, you were not able to assimilate. All the awareness was there, stored deeply within, only you weren’t wholly able to open to up to the knowledge that was always yours. You fumbled, beloveds, and you backed off with the idea that it was too much for you, the you who then considered yourself as a lowlier being, and told yourself that you couldn’t see because you were not good enough.

You told yourself of many acts that you couldn’t do, and, so, you stopped yourself when you were close, so close, actually, right there, and, yet, you submerged this awareness from yourself. This is what people do, and you were no different. You played Hide-and-Seek, and, therefore, hiding yourself from yourself. You played Peek-a-Boo with yourself. Now that you are aware of yourself, and, therefore, more aware of Me, your existence is all play. Without discomfort, what is not your ballgame? In the Bright Light of Consciousness, what is not joy for you?

So can you be while you are still within your body. Be it. link to original article

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