John Ward – Opinion : We Should Be Applauding Schofield, Not Gagging Him – 9 November 2012

The very Establishment leaders busy castigating the BBC over the Jimmy Savile affair are now protecting paedophiles at large from the House of Commons to Sky News. Bullying the tv media is crass hypocrisy, and the media reaction thus far is a disgrace.

I think it might be time once again to inject some reality into the pursuit of paedophiles. People are getting confused, and I can understand why: after forty years of looking the other way while aimlessly walking about going lalalalalalaa, they are now only allowed to look or walk in one direction and go overhereoverthereeverythwhere. This is because the infernal simplification of the media is once more involved.

As an exemplar of this, let’s look sensibly at Philip Schofield’s brave attempt yesterday to put an odious hypocrite on the spot. I’ve always thought Scofield to be little more than a harmless tit; but he is these days a TV anchorman, and for once yesterday he showed the others how to do it. He has gone up 2000% in my estimation.

The Prime Minister was expecting a nice easy ride: some free airtime in which to spout his now easily-recognisable mélange of half-truths and homilies to the sofa-dwellers out there. Now, you may think Philip’s approach was tabloid and  kack-handed, but basically his game-plan was to present a more truthful picture of our helmsman as a bloke associated with some utterly unpleasant types. Faced with this unusual and unexpected encounter, Cameron woffled in a predictably devious manner. Afterwards – I can tell you – he went ballistic at ITV. And in their normal arse-in-air mode, the terrestrial media forced Schofield to apologise.

The MSM’s reaction – and 90% of comment threads I saw attached to the blah-blah – was furiously anti-Schofield and generally how very dare he. This is what I mean when observing that, overall, the old media are merely lazy collaborators who rarely attach any thinking to their analyses. ITV is an independent medium, allegedly. Schofield is a sofa-chat semi-journalist. He politely accused the Prime Minister of pretending he didn’t know the names of eight elephants in the room. For this, he was forced to apologise. If ever you needed evidence that privilege is in charge and those aiding and abetting them have lost the plot, then yesterday you had it in triplicate.

But there was another wilfully desperate burble by Cameldung as he wrestled to try and regain control of the episode. He said what was unfair about the speculation was that it was smearing gays. By the time Radio Four got round to analysing this very dark and ethereal smoke-screen being sprayed around the studio by Dave, the media types had begun to adopt an affected tone of “What on earth might he have meant?” – which was a little like asking Haringey Council why they never seem to notice dysfunctional parenting among ethnic minorities. Nobody anywhere made the points I am about to make. And they are as follows:

1. Some paedophiles in the social care and teaching sectors throw the suspicious off the scent by claiming to be gay after somebody has nailed them downloading pictures of young bottoms from the internet.

2. Most paedophiles in the judicial, legal and political sectors throw the suspicious off the scent by issuing injunctions, such that nobody can name the names we sad people working in this ghastly demi-monde have all known about for years in relation to Stafford, Plymouth, North Wales, Haut la Garenne, Liverpool and all points leading inexorably to Edinburgh.

3. The Murdoch-controlled media are using this latest obsession as yet another cudgel with which to club the BBC to death, despite the fact that one of the names on my perv-list works for Sky TV in a very upfront capacity. I know a lot of Sloggers hate the BBC with the same venom they seem to spit at the NHS. I can only say once again, “Be careful what you wish for.”

4. There are some truly mind-boggling strands to this web of depravity, and both the Conservative and Labour Parties are working overtime to try and ensure their mates don’t get caught in it. To repeat: paedophiles are an infinitesimal minority of the UK population, but there is something about their warped control mechanisms that seems inevitably to deliver them into positions where they can have the power to indulge their fantasies with impunity. This is the real paedophile threat: not braindead Labour’s 12 million workers being vetted, not Jimmy Savile the demonic disk-jockey, and not the BBC alone.

If I may just expand on this last point, because it is crucial to a real understanding of what’s going on here. As I’ve written many times before, paedophiles will steer towards access to prey, and/or where there is the minimum of risk. Thus they congregate in the teaching, social care, and local politics arenas for access; and national politics, the media and senior legal positions, for greater likelihood of tolerance, protection, obfuscation, and silencing.

That’s why there was a paedophile website closely related to The Groucho Club. That’s how the shadowy people in that odd world wield great power in the Tory Party, and bankroll Jeremy Hunt. It may at least partly explain why we have the Health Secretary we do. It’s why – despite endless promises made by Harman and Balls when in power – the Secret Family Courts have not been thoroughly reformed and opened up to the media. Ms Harman is now a very big wheel in the Labour movement, and has long been associated with support for paedophile tendencies on human rights grounds. Another name on that list may in turn explain  why the justice system continued to ignore the problem after Labour left office. One judicial name on my list might explain 20 year gagging orders in the West Country. A junior Tory on many lists may help to understand why there is child trafficking in Plymouth. A former Deputy Labour Mayor in the West Midlands explains why Stafford’s  social care, psychiatric, judicial and hospital systems were corrupted to the point of unimaginable depravity…but former Health Secretary Andy Burnham nevertheless approved Trust Status for the hospital.

This isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s cultural fact. We are playing for big stakes here, and the Establishment knows it. A great many senior public figures could find their career histories dramatically changed….along with their daily place of residence.

In that context, we can as always rely on David Cameron to sound like the shifty sixth member of the Famous Five: “Look Philip,” he advised yesterday, “People who think they know something about this should take what they have to the police.”

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