Visionkeeper – Twisted Times – 9 November 2012

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I know if you are awake you have taken notice of how twisted the thinking has become in this world.  Most of the time this thinking by others leaves you shocked, jaw dropping to the floor and scratching your head saying “What?” It truly is insanity out there right now on all levels, it is why I keep urging all to stay centered in their hearts to stay grounded.

We are living between the worlds as it is so appropriately called. Our thoughts have advanced on to higher dimensional thinking, but our bodies remain stuck here in 3D amongst the insanity. It is a very challenging road to be plodding down. At least be thankful you are awake enough to know what you are hearing is both twisted and false, many out there still believe what they are hearing! This world of illusion is spinning very fast now, it almost makes you nauseated from time to time, like when the carousel picked up speed and you grabbed onto the horse’s mane for dear life as a child.

We need to stop from time to time and recognize all we have been through and how well we have done. Think about it. We went from what we thought was a normal life in America to discovering nothing was the truth to now watching the planet be destroyed and listening to a thinking process by our so-called leaders that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! In my book that is a great definition of insanity. But, we have stood our ground well and we are still functioning and seeking the truth of our lives and we have found a safe refuge in our hearts. That in itself is a huge accomplishment, to not have buckled at the knees and put ourselves on anti psychotic medications.

We need to be gentle with ourselves and nurture our ability to keep rising above it all. It is important to keep searching for the good that can come out of the bad.  Terrible, terrible things are taking place in NJ and yet I keep seeing countless stories of caring and opening of hearts going on regardless of the angry outbursts the media would rather you witness. I kept seeing websites promoting fear about upcoming riots if Obama was elected but we have not seen that either. While I admit it is not always easy to know what is really going on right now, that’s why I always look for the things that show me change is indeed happening in small steps. If we seek the truth, if we pay attention, things begin to make more sense. Yes there is craziness going on but underneath it all is a strong root of sanity.

My major concern these days is the all out assault on children. It is so important we are part of our children’s lives and we are paying close attention to what is going on, especially in schools! It is important to also keep track of what Bills are being voted on in the house and senate ahead of time so we have time to oppose them if need be. We are loosing a great many of our rights and children are loosing a great deal of their protections. Sadly it seems pedophilia is a sick past time of the dark ones, we can see what is unfolding over in Europe. Unfortunately it is not only there but here as well. So much depravity going on and so we must keep close track of our children.

It is time now more than ever to focus on what kind of new world we desire. If we live our lives according to the world we desire we shall have just that. Be kind and giving, seek out the truth at all costs, keep your heart open and filled with love for everybody and be forgiving of all misdeeds. You need not forget the wrongs being perpetrated but yes we must forgive. Think clearly of how you would want to be treated and set your goal to treat others that way as well. Offer joy to those you encounter, be happy within, do something good for another person, think positive thoughts and live your life with love. It is we who will create the change by changing our own lives. We ARE the new world!

Blessings to all,


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