Elizabeth Ayres Escher – To Thy Self Be True – 10 November 2012

This morning before dawn’s early light broke, as I lay on my little bed with my cats lying about as soft snoring lumps next to me, I was listening to an inner conversation, really a lecture from a cosmic friend, the Great Divine Director. I say friend for our ascended guides and mentors do not wish to be deified by anyone.

There are no followers or religions that exist in the fifth and higher dimensions. All there is unity consciousness. Some individuality exists and is used to extend extensions of one’s multidimensionality into heavier density, lower frequency levels of existence, but on the whole, oneness is truly experienced there.

One lesson that must be learned by all beings who send a soul extension into physicality, especially at the level of the third dimension and even the lower levels of the fourth dimension, is the fact that individuality does exist at that level as a planned experience by our Creator, to learn about itself; god learning about god. As such, it is up to each individual to shoulder the responsibility of his own ascension or path of return to spirit.

This is not a path for the lazy, the prideful or the arrogant. It is not a path to undertaken lightly, but it is a path that lies before each individualized focus, that is person, who is currently embodied on this planet in this sacred moment. Individuality is the experience of separation from god.

It hurts to be separated from the warm, loving comfort of your parents, but each person in nearing adulthood must step out of the shadow of their forebears and strike out on their own path, under the sure guidance of their higher self, their internal guides and mentors.

Sometimes that means walking with others; sometimes it does not. For me, I have learned and re-learned the lesson that for me, I must follow my own star; my I AM Presence if you will, or higher self… whatever you wish to name it. It is my inner heart flame that guides me, as surely as if it has marked out my path with flaming lanterns.

This past week, I strayed a little from the path. As a consequence I suffered from a growing confusion and feeling of dis-ease within. It was my intuition speaking to me loud and clear. And I was compelled to listen, finally, yesterday when I broke down emotionally at work in front of my co-workers.

For some it would be a moment of great embarrassment; for me it was an opportunity to have some time to calm down, rebalance myself and listen. I was granted the time off to regroup and took it as a reprieve from all the inner pressure that I had been suffering through. I released my fear of what others might think of me appearing to be weak, unable to keep emotional or professional neutrality.

Sorry, I’m an empath. I learn about the world through experiencing my emotions. That has been and is my particular path. When I start to experience the inner pressure, my higher self is signaling to me that I need to step back and release whatever it is that I am wrestling with, now. After repeated instances of this coming up in my life and in some cases saving my life, I have learned to listen. It is also a matter of releasing the expectations of others for oneself.

Throughout my lifetime I have come upon people who wish to adopt me to their cause, to their point of view. Instinctively people recognize that I carry great light within my being and they wish to use that light as support for their own dreams and ambitions. Sometimes the leaders of such groups are quite benign in their own presence, and it is their followers who abuse the tenets of their belief system.

Whatever, for I have learned to step aside of such offers and continue on my way, alone for now, but never alone for I am beginning to recognize the presence of a rather huge company of guides and mentors who work together as a collective with me at all times. This is the same for each person who is embodied upon this planet at this time whether or not they are of “the dark” or of “the light”. Each of us is currently undergoing our own particularly designed set of tests to see if we will qualify for ascension.

Those who are truly dark and have long been separated from Source may choose to undergo the dissolution of their present consciousness so they might be reborn fresh and pristine, pure as driven snow. Others will have to make their way through many embodiments filled with difficult circumstances until they learn to submit, quiet their fears and listen to the inner voice of their higher self.

Still others, especially those who feel they deserve to return to their original place in “heaven” or higher levels of being without any effort on their part, may find that the way home is a bit longer than they, in their current limited consciousness, had planned or hoped for. This morning I received a very long lecture from the Great Divine Director on this very subject, as well as on the issue of spiritual pride, not necessarily my own.

I agreed to convey the essence of said lecture, gently, of course, for the Divine Mother is also in on this, as I serve as one of her representatives in training. I understand that some people will disagree with my words, as is their right. No one person sees all, knows all or can possibly understand All There Is, no matter their apparent or self-perceived mastery. I include myself in that statement, yet the words need to be written down. So here goes:

There is a misunderstanding on the part of many individuals about the process of Ascension and particularly, a resistance to remembering just how great a sacrifice it was when the decision was made to descend to this level. There are lessons to be learned by everyone whose soul has agreed to the terms, who in effect signed on the dotted line.

The agreement was to learn all that can be learned about separation from Source. For some, the lesson and training can take but a few lifetimes, for others, the lessons are strung out through a long succession of lifetimes as the individual awareness learns to listen and submit their free will to higher purpose.

And a lot of the lessons can be quickly accomplished depending on the individual’s willingness to submit to the direction that they receive from their soul or monad (soul family). If the individual is in resistance, circumstances will be created to mirror that resistance.

Those individuals who persist in projecting their anger, frustration and even disobedience onto others and especially onto their higher selves will suffer the consequences, either mild or harsh. As a direct consequence of their stubbornness and disobedience to their higher selves, they are, in effect, creating circumstances where they will continue to experience the same level or higher degree of frustration.

The lessons must be learned and mastered. It is the same for all beings who embody in the school house of the third dimension. And the lessons will continue even as the planet is raised up in vibration, only they will change in their quality, but not quantity until each lesson is thoroughly learned and incorporated into the consciousness and resulting actions of the individual.

As I have learned, tests are conducted at all times, to all levels of individuals. Never, ever feel that you have “made” it until that final moment of re-entering into complete union with Source, for even souls of great mastery have fallen from great heights due to the failing of their spiritual pride. This is simply a matter of universal law, not of judgment on the part of Source or your higher self.

For this reason, it is important to really “get” the idea that it is impossible to know what is right for another person. I will not claim to be the leader of any group. I may act in the capacity of a teacher at times, but in other moments, I am still plainly a student and a rather humble one at that.

I truly understand that no one person can know everything there is to know at this current level of existence. Even the angels do not know all and they stand at the foot of the very throne of the Creator (if indeed she sits on one!). It is true that we can gain in understanding as we progress on the path of return, but we do it on a need to know basis.

Our higher self knows more than we do and attempts to convey this information to us through intuition, telepathic messages and other means. When we refuse to listen, the soul works through the body elemental to gain our attention, e.g., the twisting of the “gut” as when the body is in imminent danger.

Sometimes the messages are more subtle or indirect as when we come across a tiny bit of information stuck in the midst of a huge book or article that just seems meant for us and us alone. And sometimes that book lands on your foot, as it did, at least metaphorically, for me this past week.

One cannot know everything there is to know at this level of existence; no one person is completely tuned to the frequency of Divine Mind, especially while they are simultaneously embodied in a heavy density, low frequency plane of existence. There are and can be moments of revelation, but much is lost in translation, especially in messages such as this due to my own conditioning, prejudices and desires.

I cannot follow in the footsteps of another because I am following a different path, not a better one, just unique to myself. And I would hope that my readers realize that while my words may give them comfort in some moments and worry in others, it is important to follow your own inner direction as given to each person through their own heart.

My angst of this past week was something that I have encountered before in pivotal moments of my own development. I hope that I can endeavor to continue to open up to the messages and lessons being presented to me by my soul and guides.

I do so with full knowledge that the steps I take are my own. I can share moments of understanding with others, share my journey with others, but each of us is, ultimately, responsible for what we experience in our lives, as we should be, for that is the burden we agreed to take on when we came here.

We each need verification as markers that we are indeed following the path that our soul picked out for ourselves before embodiment. I hope that these writings serve in that manner for some. However, we cannot follow another’s star, but must follow our own heart’s whispers, no matter the appeal of other paths. Remember to follow your own heart; it knows the way. It is up to each of us to learn and embody trust and faith and follow our own unique path home.

Until we all reach the level of unity consciousness we cannot always be in constant connection to Divine Mind, so it is impossible for us to know the full intentions or plans of Heaven. We are here, now, on this marvelous planet that is currently undergoing a return to the fifth dimension.

Let the moments of this unique experience be savored as it is a great honor to assist in the birthing of the planet and humanity back into higher levels of existence. At one level it is a sacrifice, but an honorable one, to take back to “home” when the job is completed.

We are not done yet. Until the planet and its burden, humanity, are secured our assignment and contract is still in effect. It is up to us to honor the commitment that we swore to uphold. We do have the free will to change our minds, but must accept the fact that if we do so, the contract on both sides is null and void.

And there is no free ticket back to heaven except through undergoing the lessons that must be undertaken by every soul. Through the passage called death or through physical ascension along with the rest of humanity who are completing the passage with the planet – it is by either of these two ways that each individual will finally arrive at ascension’s gate and will answer for everything that they have done, undertaken or not throughout their lifetimes while embodied.

Your Father / Mother love you and will not judge whatever decision or direction it is that you wish to pursue, but they will not “save” you from yourself either. They are also bound by cosmic law to uphold and honor your free will, while you live in the lower worlds. In the higher worlds, most entities submit to the will of their Creator without question or even thought, therefore the length it takes to learn a lesson can be drawn out.

There is no need to come to instant decision; there is no need to extend oneself as comfort surrounds you on all sides. For this reason, there are some souls known as Explorers, System-busters and Ascension Teams that chose to go into circumstances that would make many, even angelic beings, quail in fright.

They go because the learning curve is much faster, although the lessons tend to be harsher. They go because they embody the curiosity and creativity of their Creator. They go because they are the bravest of the brave. They go to serve the cause of the Divine Mother, who in turn works to do the will of the Father, who exists beyond form.

This is not a matter of religion or even of belief; it is a matter of knowing, inner knowing. It is a matter of being who you are at the moment of experience. Always strive to be true to your Self and you will be taken care of, even if it is not apparent at the moment. Trust and faith go hand in hand. Trust that you will know what you need to know when it is time for you to know.

Have faith that your higher self will never lead you in the wrong direction for your particular experience and development. And learn to accept all circumstances in your life as opportunities for growth. With these things in mind, you may succeed, but only by letting go of all expectation.

Needing to know what is going to happen before it does is not trust, but comes from fear. Fear comes from the ego, as does frustration and anger. If you are feeling fear, you cannot feel love. If you are upset, you cannot hear the quiet voice of the soul. If you are frustrated, your higher self will be unable to communicate with you. Lessons are learned by everyone, including cosmic beings. Accept that fact and you will be well on your way home.

This is somewhat the lecture conveyed to me this morning. As I did not put down the message at the moment received this article is merely an impression and personal interpretation, not gospel. If the material resonates with you, fine; if not, leave it and come into your own understanding as we all should ultimately.

I have my lessons, you have yours. And each of us will present our findings to our soul family when we reach Home, again. Let us make that journey with grace, trust, faith and love for each other, for we are One.

Go with my blessings and encouragement,

I AM Elizabeth, your sister in Light and Love.

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