Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 222 – 11 November 2012

The date today is an important one to many, as it is signified by a sequence of numbers that will trigger another sequence of numbers. Let us explain. Today’s date is 11.11, and when you also pass the time on your clock that reads 11:11, you will all be set to ”GO”. Let us explain. As you might be aware of, the codes that lie embedded in the energy that is carried into your body by those signals being sent from other shores than yours, are carefully set up in order to have the maximum effect. Therefore, some will start to do their work immediately, while others have been timed to be set off at a specific moment. And some of these have been set to be simultaneously triggered in order to create a magnified effect.

You see, these simultaneous triggers make sure that the combined effect of the energies embedded in many individuals literally fire up together in order to create a quantum field of sorts that will have a far-reaching effect on your surroundings. In other words, these mass events have a much larger impact on your society than if you are being triggered at individual instances, hence the extra activity on some dates in your calendar. This does not mean that everything is linked to a specific date or time, far from it, but as we have touched upon earlier, we utilize some of these dates to create immense vortices of energy that literally sweeps over your world to instigate far-reaching changes, changes that would not be possible without this communal effort carried out by all of you who have given their heart and soul to this project already.

So know that today, as the clock hits that heralded time of 11:11 in region after region, you will all be ”fired up”as it were and join in this planet wide event of energetic upsurge. So we thank you all for taking part in this major operation, and know that even if you may feel some side effects from this energetic transmission, you will have the honor of taking part in one of the most important events ever carried out on your shores. So stay centered and go inside, and you will surely feel the strong connection you all share. And know that this connection will never ever fade away after today. link to original article / link to article


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