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Ron Van Dyke – 11-11-2012: Visualizing Victory On 11:11 – 11 November 2012

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Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 11 November 2012

Beloved Ones,

The incoming energies are bringing up the last vestiges of illusion and perception that Humanity as a whole has accepted as the truth of life on Earth and as these surface and are brought out into the open, a greater alignment with each person’s own power takes place. As these revelations come forth into the masses, much introspection takes place within each individual and a readjustment occurs in each person’s individual field of consciousness which results in a greater growth towards wholeness of being. By observing the impact made upon others by the actions and deeds of just one individual, Humanity begins to stretch beyond its former limitations to new heights of knowing, doing and accomplishment. Continue reading

Rosemarie Ashley – New Paradigm – 11 November 2012

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Unconditional Divine Love – 11 November 2012

Uploaded by on 28  September  2008 Music and Visuals to connect to Divine Love and Open Your Heart.  Go to http://www.SoundHealingCenter.com/music.html to purchase versions of song. It’s on the Nutri-Energetics “Body Field Sound Healing” CD. A rock version is on the “Unconditional Love” CD. A 1/2 speed version is on “Unconditional Divine Peace.”

Breaking The Illusion Of Limitations – 11 November 2012

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Al Ae Nu Ra – The Great Shift Activation – 11:11 “Awakening” – 11 November 2012

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The Shift Into Unity Consciousness – 11 November 2012

Uploaded byon 30 September 2011 http://www.twinflame1111.com Liora ~ Spiritual Teacher of Light ~explaining the awakening consciousness as simple, when we understand ourselves as vibrational beings and how we are releasing the 3d patterning creating a new consciousness/vibration of unity. Liora offers sessions from a very CORE channelled perspective for your clarity and personal individual guidance and activation for Ascencion . She is able to intuit/show/reveal your CORE SOUL DESIRE that runs all the patterning aligning your SOUL …creating an inner balance for ascension and vibrational alignment with your True Twin Flame ……..Music Liquid Mind

Spiritual Bliss Through The Perception Of Unity In Oneness – 11 November 2012

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Spirit Words : Unity – 11 November 2012

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Infinite Waters – All Around The World – Open Up Your Heart…Forever United! – (Re-Post) – 11 November 2012

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