Ron Van Dyke – 11-11-2012: Visualizing Victory On 11:11 – 11 November 2012

Uploaded by paradoxman316 11 November 2012

It wasn’t even 1AM yet; and there I was wide awake and feeling a rush of highly positive energy. It felt as if the cells in my body were dancing; and I felt amazing joyfulness. Even though I tried to get back to sleep, the feeling of euphoria kept me awake until nearly 3AM at least. I even visualized dancing in the streets at one point, sensing a celebration of victory as people danced like my cells seemed to dance earlier. I finally fell back to sleep for a short while; and now I’m awake and up to do today’s video that I will call Visualizing Victory. It is 11:11 you know. (Lucas: Though Ron said wrongly 9/11, it is 11/11)




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