Rosemarie Ashley – New Paradigm – 11 November 2012

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Throughout recorded history, humanity has been indebted to the rich and powerful controllers of capital, surrendering control of circumstances under the belief of helplessness. Collectively, we thought ourselves incapable of affecting change under threat of violence or death for disobedience to the rule of law; and so it was. But now is the time of awakening.

Through unparalleled disclosure, people around the world are becoming aware of the imbalance of power and how this perpetuates poverty, violence, disease, ignorance, pollution and division. Every day we see new articles and documentaries in alternate and even mainstream news calling out hypocrisy, exposing secrets and identifying action taken to reclaim individual and collective power.

As if in retaliation, blatant abuse of power spikes in opposition to the peaceful exercise of rights, calls for accountability and demands for justice. Governments around the world ignore their charter to represent the will of the people by instituting laws and actions that benefit corporate rule at the expense of the masses. This is a deliberate yet futile attempt to maintain fear.

Instead, this anger, confusion, disillusionment and disenfranchisement are transmuted with love to constructive and peaceful action. Starting with personal introspection and evaluation, individuals are manifesting dreams of a better world. Collectively, we are uplifting the vibration of our world.

“New Paradigm” is a snapshot of this transformative time in human history where we begin to see the problem and solution within our collective system of belief. We’re learning thoughts have power to shape perception, influencing circumstances and events. We are beginning to view external appearances as opportunity for more people to awaken and reclaim the power of thought to create miracles in real time.


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