Bill Ballard – We Have Now Entered The 40 Day Period From 11-11-12 To 12-21-12 – 12 November 2012

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Since 11/11/12 yesterday we have now entered the 40 Day period of Duality Clean Up from now til 12/21/12. This is a releasing and purging of the lower vibrations of humanity and what is remaing on Mother Earth from the duality experiment. There will be much incoming LIGHT, and with that, any remaining lower vibrations MUST BE and WILL BE released. Those who are consciously working the LIGHT may feel a bit in a void, lost, or experiencing “others” lower vibes that we are cleaning up. So much is going on and so very fast now. Please be aware and join consciously to help us transmute the remainder of what must be done before 12/21/12. Thank you ALL for being YOU! LOVE!


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