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Ute Posegga-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – The Gift Of 11.11.12: Coincidence Of Opposites – 13 November 2012

Please also read update from 21.8.12

My Dear Friends,

The 11.11.12 – how was that? Did you feel the new extreme high energies? This Bright Light? Well it was kind of heaven here on Gaia and it continues to be – frequency-wise. We have been saturated with great gifts and our cosmic  heritage and multidimensionality has been confirmed for many or remembered by many. Continue reading

Mish / Mike Shedlock – Laugh Of The Day : IMF Is Too Pessimistic; Public Feud Spat Of The Day: Lagarde VS Jean Claude Juncker – 13 November 2012

The eurozone finance ministers postponed agreement on the next Greek deal following a rare public feud between IMF chief Christine Lagarde and “Liar-in-Chief” Jean-Claude Juncker, chair of the eurogroup of finance ministers.

Recall that Juncker once publicly stated “When it Becomes Serious, You Have to Lie“.

Today, please consider EU-IMF Feud Erupts Over Greek Debt Continue reading

Wes Annac – Pleiadian High Council : Divine Calculations Determine Your Reality – 13 November 2012

through Wes Annac-

[Note from Wes: Let us remember as well that our thoughts and feelings will determine our realities! Interesting synch. with the titles, eh?]

You dear souls are undergoing the most rapid of growth through the lower realms of Earth that has been achieved throughout the Earth’s history and as this final Life you are experiencing is setting the stage for the emergence of the higher realms within yourselves, it is important to note that you dear souls must emerge from the lower dimensional veils that have kept your perception of the higher realms under wraps, to find the prevalent higher dimensions that are truly all around you. Continue reading

Total Solar Eclipse In Scorpio: TODAY! 13-14 November 2012 – 13 November 2012

Visible in southern hemisphere.

First solar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio since 1995. Here’s an excerpt from astrologer Eric Francis on the subject,

Beyond the Teasing Game

and it’s especially interesting, given the current widening sex and power scandal involving Petraeus and others. BTW: notice the way the women involved are described in the press. Like vixens, sirens, tantalizing, seductive.  Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Feel The Truth – 13 November 2012

(picture by www .favim.com.)

The Mayan video discussion we had on Sunday was a wonderful opportunity to practice ‘feeling our truth’.  I believe that is why I was urged to post it unbeknownst to me at the time. So much of the time we have been trained to believe the truth with our minds and our eyes, never have we been encouraged to understand the truth by feeling it. That would be most dangerous for the dark ones to have us feeling the real truth! Take the butterfly in the picture for example. Other than the fact we’ve never seen one like this and some may have Photoshop expertise, doesn’t your gut feeling tell you this is an altered picture? Hard to explain why really, it just does not FEEL real! This is a tool we need to hone our skills on. Sunday ended up being a great exercise of searching deeply for what we FELT was the truth with that video, we had to stretch our minds and dig deep. We need to be doing more of this everyday to keep our abilities of discernment active and polished, for being able to feel out the truth is critical in this time of so many illusions. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Getting Ready To Put “Boots On The Ground” Expressing In Joy And Love!! – 13 November 2012

For the last week in the field, the readings have been pretty consistent in reflecting what a person’s soul energy is doing for and with the greater All.  The “human” had already done all the inner work needed for the soul to amplify thru out created space, the energy needed for all the others seeking a batter and healthier way to Be in Life to connect to the energy of their experience.  For almost everyone I talked to, they ring back the same feeling inside, they (we) do not feel like they are doing a thing in this new life field, yet, I know they (we) are doing more than they can conceive of. Continue reading

Bill Ballard And Lucas Christiaans – Unity In Oneness – Earth Star Network – It Begins – 13 November 2012

 Uploaded on 13 November 2012 door  (lLucas : |Bill mentioned Andrea Sartori in the video although she does also great work, the Andrea is another Andrea Bill. )Continue reading

2 Minutes News – CME Impact & Three M Flares – 13 November 2012

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Ron Van Dyke – Disorder In NWO Plans To Control The World – 13 November 2012

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Transmuteo – 13 November 2012

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