Euronews – Greece Holds On Eurogroup’s 31.5bn Euro Decision In Brussels – 13 November 2012

(Lucas : The  ” tragic comedy” goes on. Will Greece get its money?  I think so or they (= the Troika and the rest) have to admit defeat and acknowledge the falling apart of  all as the dominos  keep falling fast.  Things are broken beyond repair and even are in the view of humanities future not justified to fix. A new just and fair system not based on the old is needed to come in without debt, interest and taxation based upon real value backed non-fractional banking and no  fiat currency system.)

As the eurozone’s finance ministers meet in Brussels, Greece will be hoping they’ve done enough to convince them that they are deserving of the next tranche of the bailout – some 31.5 billion euros.

Pierre Moscovici, French Finance Minister:
“I hope that tonight we can a find political agreement in order to say: ‘Well,we can go on with the Greek programme, lets put this programme behind us and lets rebuild the confidence in the eurozone’.”

IMF chief Christine Lagarde was also on hand, but although hopeful, she wasn’t showing all her cards.

Christine Lagard, IMF Managing Director:
“Greece has done an awful lot of work and has shown some real resolve. So it’s now for the creditors to do the same. And certainly the IMF will as always play its part. We are in for, not a quick fix, but a real fix.”

After pushing through another round of punishing austerity measures and deepening the civil unrest at home, Greece may now justifiably feel they’ve done all they can.

All that remains is for them to sit back and wait.

Andrei Beketov, euronews:
“Greece can count on the new tranche thanks to the willingness of its parliament, a nod from it’s creditors and political good will. What’s lacking is the time for negotiations. Finance ministers need to find the best route between the money -and Athens. Andrei Beketov, euronews, Brussels” link to original article


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