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Lucas And Andrea – Unity In Oneness : Lightworkers Make A Pledge To Love and Join Together In Action – 13 November 2012


Lightworkers, dreamers, spiritual activists, luminaries, heart-workers, philanthropists and humanitarians join together and make a pledge to being love in action Continue reading

DL Zeta – November 13 Solar Eclipse Signals The ‘Awakening Prelude’ For The New Time – 13 November 2012

Change and transformation are at the forefront this week with a solar eclipse today (Nov. 13) at 21/22 degrees Scorpio. This eclipse asks us to go deeper with our efforts to heal and transform our “selves” and to move forward with our purpose for this lifetime. The essence of our own healing is always intrinsically related to our spiritual mission, so the steps followed now to bring about healing will ultimately bring us to full recognition of our reason for being here this time around. As we awaken to our purpose, we are able to activate new timelines aligned with the new time. Continue reading

Euronews – Greece Holds On Eurogroup’s 31.5bn Euro Decision In Brussels – 13 November 2012

(Lucas : The  ” tragic comedy” goes on. Will Greece get its money?  I think so or they (= the Troika and the rest) have to admit defeat and acknowledge the falling apart of  all as the dominos  keep falling fast.  Things are broken beyond repair and even are in the view of humanities future not justified to fix. A new just and fair system not based on the old is needed to come in without debt, interest and taxation based upon real value backed non-fractional banking and no  fiat currency system.)

As the eurozone’s finance ministers meet in Brussels, Greece will be hoping they’ve done enough to convince them that they are deserving of the next tranche of the bailout – some 31.5 billion euros. Continue reading

Waking Times – Anthony Gucciardi – Washington County Bans Growing Of GMOs – 13 November 2012

While some anti-GMO legislation like Prop 37 was shot down through corporation-funded projects and deceptive campaign tactics, one county in Washington state was massively successful in establishing a landmark ruling against Monsanto and GMO crops as a whole. The concerned citizens of San Juan County were able to pass what is known as Initiative Measure No. 2012-4, which actually bans the growth of genetically modified organisms within the county. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Masquerade – 13 November 2012

It is self forgiveness that becomes the key element here, a vital ingredient for ascension.  For blame and doubt are hallmarks of third density.

Realization of truth and acceptance of the One that you are erases all that is unreal.  What is non essential is any idea contained in your mind that you MUST have something.  This is not the same as desire, for desire is the fuel of creation. Continue reading

Activist Post – Brandon Turbeville – Supreme Court To Rule On Police Access To DNA Samples For “Crime-Fighting Databases” – 13 November 2012

As the US Supreme Court meets privately over the next few days, it seems that all of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together in order to form what will undeniably be the most scientifically advanced dictatorship ever realized in world history. Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Comments On The Nature Of Reality – Or, Will The Real Reality Please Step Forward? – 13 November 2012

I am having difficulty aligning my 3D self with my Multidimensional SELF. I know my 3D self is the lowest frequency of my Multidimensional SELF, but it is constantly “falling out of alignment.” The pace and structure of the 3D world is becoming increasingly burdensome and even foreign. Continue reading

Earth Allies – The Masters Are Coming Back Now – 13 November 2012

And so it is.

As the awakening speeds up and the Light pour In like a tsunamy of Love the Planet is finally seeing the return of the Masters.

They are here, everywhere.

It’s those that remember Who they Are.

It’s those that Know that Love is All that is as All is God and God is Love and therefore they Know they Are Love(God) too. They don’t need prooves, they already have themSelves. Thus they Are All they need to Be. Continue reading

Dana Mrkich – November 2012 Montly Visions – Supercharged Expanded Awareness – 13 November 2012

For YouTube version with Commentary please go here

This month we will see the continuing acceleration, with increasing intensity, of that which we have been witnessing and experiencing all year – extremes of actions, emotions, responses and revelations. The higher frequency energy flooding our planet, and our cells, is triggering and bringing to the surface everything within us that is in alignment with that energy. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Greece Allegedly Gets Time, Not Money; Mish Says Time Is Money – 13 November 2012

After forcing Greece into more austerity measures, the next tranche of emergency loans to Greece (most of which will ultimately do a round trip back to Brussels) is now delayed because the path Greece is on is still not sustainable.

Greece still requires additional funding of around €32 billion. Germany has said no and the ECB has said no. Continue reading