Visionkeeper – Feel The Truth – 13 November 2012

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The Mayan video discussion we had on Sunday was a wonderful opportunity to practice ‘feeling our truth’.  I believe that is why I was urged to post it unbeknownst to me at the time. So much of the time we have been trained to believe the truth with our minds and our eyes, never have we been encouraged to understand the truth by feeling it. That would be most dangerous for the dark ones to have us feeling the real truth! Take the butterfly in the picture for example. Other than the fact we’ve never seen one like this and some may have Photoshop expertise, doesn’t your gut feeling tell you this is an altered picture? Hard to explain why really, it just does not FEEL real! This is a tool we need to hone our skills on. Sunday ended up being a great exercise of searching deeply for what we FELT was the truth with that video, we had to stretch our minds and dig deep. We need to be doing more of this everyday to keep our abilities of discernment active and polished, for being able to feel out the truth is critical in this time of so many illusions.

Everything about this time right now seems to end up pointing out to us to get out of our heads and into our hearts and our gut. Living our lives with our minds and by what we were told was 3D living, living from our hearts and guts is 5D. We are learning slowly to incorporate this way of being into our everyday lives, let us take notice of it and urge it along to speed up the process. All of these new ways of doing things are going to happen no matter what, but by taking notice of what is occurring and what is needed in that moment allows the awakening process to shift into high gear. We need that for time is short! Trying to think things through with our minds no longer works for us. It is time for us to change!

One of the reasons paying attention is so important is it allows us to see concrete evidence of the change that is taking place that we so often question the existence of. Seeing first hand by ‘feeling’ the truth of that video Sunday showed us how the old ways are not working. By going outside of our boxes of thinking we allow ourselves to expand and morph into these new ways of being. Remaining stuck within our boxes has slowed us down tremendously. It is good we are moving forward.

I think a good way to stay in touch with these changes is by asking questions all the time. It is one thing to say ‘I like that’ about something, but take it one step further and ask why. Search for what that like of something makes you FEEL inside. Like is just a generic word we use so often to describe something. If we dig deeper into what and why we like it we begin to activate our feeling centers. By understanding our feeling center better we also begin to understand ourselves better. It’s easy to say I like that without much thinking involved, it is another thing to search for the why you like it. Little bits of who we are are getting revealed and knowing ourselves is the first step to trusting ourselves.

Take the next step further and trusting ourselves allows us to trust others and we have a huge problem of trust in this world right now. Everybody has been out to get what is theirs and many are out to grab it all. There has been little respect or little honesty as this meme has taken hold over the world. If we can’t feel trust for ourselves or for any other person, we can’t create the peace in the world we are all craving so deeply for. People it seems are waiting for the dark ones to be brought down and thrown in jail and perhaps they will be, but once they are gone we still are left with a world full of people who don’t know or trust themselves or anybody else in the world and there is no way world peace can be achieved under such circumstances. We have much work to do. Let’s hope we are all doing our homework carefully. We can do this but not without our hard work and intention.

Blessings to us all,

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