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James Gilliland – Unity Consciousness And The E Generation – 14 November 2012

The E Generation


There have been a lot of articles written concerning the E generation or those who share a common sense of entitlement with little or no energy exchange. I have mixed emotions concerning this issue. I believe a person has a right to food, shelter, and a meaningful fulfilling job and should be rewarded for service to humanity and the Earth. With today’s society there is a manufactured lack and great uneven dispersal of wealth, which cuts into these basic rights. The technology exists to take care of our energy and transportation needs without fossil fuels, which would free up much of the demands for labor and resources. This would also make available the transportation of food and materials globally at a fraction of the cost and a lowering of production costs. Yet what lies in the way of this coming forward? Continue reading


Wes Annac – A Reminder – 14 November 2012

You are pure, Golden Light who has taken a human form.

Believe this. Feel this. Know this.

Recognize your inherent higher dimensionality within yourselves and continually remind yourselves that you are God. You are the Creator, who has funneled aspects of your Self down to assist a planet that was anchored in darkness, and this darkness clouded the minds and hearts of many-an-Earth soul. Continue reading

Activist Post – Nicolas West – Child Sex Rings Reveal The Worst Of The Power Elite – 14 November 2012

(image by wikimedia)

One of the most difficult things to convey to people who are relatively new to information that appears in the so-called alternative media is just how diabolical the controlling elite really are.

People can seem to accept that the world is run by a bunch of ruthless bankers, or perhaps they realize that presidents and national leaders are puppets to corporate interests, or perhaps they even have come to grips with the fact that “The Elite” are willing to destroy nations and people to consolidate power and form a one-world government.  Poison the planet with depleted uranium? Yes. Poison the food supply with GMO’s? Definitely. Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Trip To The Mothership – Part 12 – Mytre And Kepier 2 – 14 November 2012

As Kepier and I sat in the dimming light, I found a great comfort in the illusion of being on a planet and experiencing time. The Mothership ran on 24-hour cycles, mostly for the sake of those who were coming from Earth. It turns out that, now, one of the Mothership’s primary focuses is the ascension of Earth. Continue reading

Wake Up World – Trinity Bourne – Freeing The Spirit – 14 November 2012

When the soul speaks, we often feel an upwelling that compels us to do something out of the ordinary. Moments of vision take us into a realm of awe and wonder. Limitations dissolve. We melt into infinite possibility. Immortality of the soul dawns. We are boundless. We are free. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Jonathan Benson – Gardasil Genetic Fingerprints Found In Postmortem Samples Of Girls Given Vaccine – 14 November 2012

(NaturalNews) A recent study published in the open-access journal Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs provides shocking new evidence that viral components contained in the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and triggering cerebral vasculitis, a severe form of blood vessel inflammation in the brain that can lead to severe autoimmune disorders and even death. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Solar Eclipse Certainly Shook Up The Energies – 3-4-5-6D All Here & Now – 14 November 2012

Uploaded on 14 November 2012 by The 11-13-12 Solar Eclipse put the Snow-Globe Effect on everything! As it usually does bring a whole new experience with the energies that brings forth. All is shaken up at this time and its funny listening to some trying to rationalize it out rather than feeling whats going on bearing witness. All dimensional levels are being experienced on Earth now as so many persons are attuned to all these various levels. In the lower levels of vibration there is still much confusion with those in their head/ego… Shift to your heart/love/feeling to make this shift go much easier for you! LOVE!



John Ward – Breaking Steve Messham: Severly Depressed And Subjected To Constant Harrassment – 14 November 2012

Steven Messham is under medical care at the moment. We were all reassured yesterday that he is “fine”. My source close to him sees it differently.

From source close to Steve…to The Slog at 1.19 am today: ‘Steven has named darren laverty it seems this guy wants him to shut up and accuses steve on take and loves media spotlight’

(This troll calls himself Anglsea Driftwood and keeps mentioning the name Anglesea…from a previous libel trial involving Bryn Estyn, which Private Eye and the Independent on Sunday lost, but about which doubts still remain.) Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Pushing Through The Veils – 14 November 2012

(picture http://www.favim.com)

Our ship is close by now, pushing through the last of the veils off the coast line of third dimension. It has not been easy for it to find us here in this thick fog of illusion. Soon it will drop anchor and boarding will begin for the voyage to 5D. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Italy Seeks Charges Against Rating Agencies For Downgrade Of Italian Debt; Courts Go Nuts Again – 14 November 2012

I am still shaking my head over the insane verdict last month in which Six Italian Scientists Convicted because they failed to predict an earthquake.

Six scientists and a government official were sentenced to six years in prison for manslaughter by an Italian court on Monday for failing to give adequate warning of an earthquake that killed more than 300 people in L’Aquila in 2009. Continue reading