John Ward – Breaking Steve Messham: Severly Depressed And Subjected To Constant Harrassment – 14 November 2012

Steven Messham is under medical care at the moment. We were all reassured yesterday that he is “fine”. My source close to him sees it differently.

From source close to Steve…to The Slog at 1.19 am today: ‘Steven has named darren laverty it seems this guy wants him to shut up and accuses steve on take and loves media spotlight’

(This troll calls himself Anglsea Driftwood and keeps mentioning the name Anglesea…from a previous libel trial involving Bryn Estyn, which Private Eye and the Independent on Sunday lost, but about which doubts still remain.)

My source insists that Steven is still being harrassed. Judge for yourselves.

Personal tweets from Steve Messham to Slog source in the early hours of this morning:

2.19 am  cant take much more of this no one has any idea
2.27 am  why do i feel shit.that idiot from anglesea has made me worse perhaps he meant that.
2.32 am  if i stop one child being abused its worth it even if it means my life
2.44 am I have the best doctor in the world she is great but today i wanted to chop my bits off as i could not cope god know why i never.
3.06 am  i can not carry on like this wish i could
I am still working on part 2 of today’s sex abuse double-header. But it seemed important to post this in the meantime.
I thought it might provide a suitably damning context when the rubbishing of witnesses starts up again.
I see that David Mellor has apologised. Bit late for that, but then I’ve never been good at Christian forgiveness.

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