Lucas – Love In Action – Unity In Oneness – Go For It – Manifest 5D Together – 14 November 2012

Unity and Love in Action. Yes, a great and long wished for idea has come true and was lounged this week as Andrea (also known as Tan) and I have been shaping our visions together to become the working project it is now and it is called Unity in Oneness.  Now our first project is to get as many beings that pledge to unite from unconditional love and oneness to be in action and co-create, co-fund, co-crowd, co-visualize, c0-meditate,  and talent source for projects, co-help, co-create videos about how to do things. Just make things happen as we shape together in sharing our new world together.

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We fly our logo flag Unity in Oneness and would love to see you also do it, on your FB pages, your websites, blogs after signing up with the project. This way we show we are all united and one and are really love in action.  No more looking back as that is over now,  the time is now to shape and create in the now. It is a non-profit project.  The project is also about helping each other make things work. That means also that the project soon will need funding to keep things running, like databases, servers, the groups, etc. All is an ongoing fluid and transparent creation based on the pledge you took by signing up.

People still ask about the Oneness. It means One with all and in all.
That means no more old stuff hanging in the closet and or just freshly washed and cleaned clothes. No more shirts of separation, underwear of duality, no more belts that tie all to old patterns of thinking, education and dogmas and old socks that stink of fear, terror, manipulation and hurt no more headgear of EGO, as you have already layed down you hat.  It is all being recycled and or washed of its stains and has been cleared of  its grey veiled colors. We are the real open source living community.

Think Action from Love =  Oneness in Unity

Help us help you shape our new paradigm together. Come on board and make it happen for all.  We are a fluid concept that makes room for creative new developments, ideas, projects, help in funding by you all for all your projects.  We are about manifesting things into reality not about talking about it. We want all to see our change. You need to get in action for it. The time is now. If you already have a group that is action and wants to connect please do sign all up at the website and we can make things happen united over the world faster.

We are the new paradigm in action :  Unity in Oneness. Be part of it and help spread the message. If we can make 100.000 people sign up before the end of the month we can make a difference. I am always thinking the impossible as it is what we can create and manifest now. Therefore I say it is done and you will make it happen.

Go for it. Manifest 5D Together.

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