Wes Annac – A Reminder – 14 November 2012

You are pure, Golden Light who has taken a human form.

Believe this. Feel this. Know this.

Recognize your inherent higher dimensionality within yourselves and continually remind yourselves that you are God. You are the Creator, who has funneled aspects of your Self down to assist a planet that was anchored in darkness, and this darkness clouded the minds and hearts of many-an-Earth soul.

You specifically decided to incarnate here and you were in fact, very passionate about doing so. You looked upon an Earth collective shrouded in density and with the affirmations and Light of your Creator Self you said “enough is enough!” You made the conscious decision to be here and you knew it would be more difficult than you could possibly imagine as you looked upon this Earth from comfortable higher realms, but it was your resolve and your inner-held Creator Light that helped you to know you could see this experience out and anchor Light unto a world shrouded in darkness.

You had plenty of ascended colleagues who thought you were quite crazy or at the least, foolhardy. “How could you wish to incarnate on a world whose darkness could suck you up into forgetting your God-essence?” They asked, bewildered at the decision of all of us who are here to be on this planet. “What if you forget yourself? What if you get lost within densities that so many on Earth have lost themselves within?” But you did not let that possibility tamper your faith of your ability to bring your beautiful God-essence, your Creator Light to these realms.

You knew and still know that nothing could hold you back. You knew that you would be shrouded in temporary darkness and density for a few Lives but that you would eventually see the Light and you knew that when you inevitably saw the Light whilst on Earth, nothing would hold you back from expressing this Light and the truth driving this Light to all around you and boy, express your truth you did!

All of you, every one of you who are reading this, took to a plethora of experiences attempting to spread your Creator Light and truth to the very collective you have come here to uplift and in many instances, this Earth collective disbelieved you, humiliated and alienated you for your Light and taught you to feel different because of who you naturally are. Don’t!

Much of the unawakened Earth collective whom we are here to serve would likely think we were crazy if they stumbled upon our humble little blog sites and channeled messages, but it is this very unbelieving Earth collective who were are here to uplift; to bring a Light to them that they do not even realize exists. The unawakened Earth collective has been convinced of a dense hologram of reality and it has been our Light as starseeds, wanderers and incarnate Lightworkers that has been and will be helping the entire Earth collective to see the Light.

The Galactics, Celestials, Ascended Masters etc. have all played their roles and done their parts, and many Ascended Masters have been on this world and know their way around the collective density that they have experienced themselves. Listen to these souls.

Follow their guidance and advice; not as saviors who will solely lift you up out of density but as a few more voices and facets of the higher realms who will help you to help others, and uplift the entire world.

If you are ever in doubt about this entire ascension movement, remember where you came from and remember that you will be joyfully returning there in a very small amount of our fading concept of time. Sometimes we could use a reminder of the higher dimensionality that is all around us and of the ever-important roles we are playing at this time, and I am exuberant to deliver that reminder.

I’ll leave you all with some videos from a fellow incarnate Master, to remind you that you are never alone in what you feel and know. Be free now!

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Wes Annac – Grinning from ear to ear!

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