Wes Annac – Unparalleled Joy – 15 November 2012

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More and more lately, I’ve wanted to express and gift the Light that I’m feeling within in any way I possibly can. Half of the time I write, I won’t even know what I’m going to write about as I start up and simply allow the writing to go where it will, because I don’t write to shell-out words and sentences; I write to express how I’m feeling in any given moment of writing and when I feel the want to spread the Light I’m feeling within, writing is a great tool and is utilized appreciatively!

Take right now, for instance. I have nothing to actually say physically in this moment but am just feeling so great that I want to translate that great feeling into writing so that it can be spread and hopefully felt by all of you reading this. Do you feel my happiness? It is brimming and it’s never been stronger than it is now.

I’m sure I’ve said that plenty of times but when I feel this great, this wonderful and absorbed within the amazing-feeling Light energies, a feeling arises of, it doesn’t get better than this. In this very moment and in plenty of moments before this one, that feeling has come upon me as the Light energies swirl around my emotions and remind me of the beauty that is all around us.

All of the injustice; all of the murder, rape and general disrespect and separation on this world is fed on a mass scale and felt nearly everywhere and yet, I do not feel it in this moment of Now. My vibrations are permeated with slightly-distorted versions of the heavenly vibrations of Source and when one can tap-in to these vibrations and find an infinite banquet of uplifting Source energy; nothing will bother them and if anything does, it will be temporary and forgotten so quickly once the higher realms are remembered and rediscovered.

We can never forget about the higher realms completely; especially those of us who Live for this ascension we are going through.  There is simply no way to forget about the higher realms – go ahead, try!

I think this is one reason our channeled sources tell us we will never lose our Godspark, our connection to the Creator oversoul that we ultimately are; because the higher realms are known by us more than ever at this time and when we acknowledge the higher dimensional splendor that many of us are already beginning to gain on this beautiful, ascending planet, we are transported right back into our remembrances and understanding of the higher realms and voila! Our true Self is again triggered.

When we tap further into our understanding of the higher realms we will find them coming to us much, much easier with each attempt we make and our channeled sources have spoken to this truth nearly endlessly.

With so much talk of people ascending and coming back on the 11-11 and other important dates, a thought occurs within me that makes me wonder if the actual process of ascending is one that utilizes a sudden shift point that we don’t feel as soon as such point is reached – but that doesn’t mean we didn’t reach that point or reap its benefits.

What if many of us have indeed ascended and reached an ultimate shift point [or will sometime soon] and the gradual effects from this individual ascension will begin making themselves known and are already starting to make themselves known?

I’m not going to say that I feel ascended; I’m still transmuting things, surfacing things, dancing through Life on an ascending planet to quote Bella Capozzi. But that’s not to say I’m not feeling things I hadn’t expected to feel, that are completely new to me yet are anchoring something within me that’s beginning to make itself known.

People have asked so many questions about specific shift points and dates, inquired if our ascension and initiation into a Galactic society is to happen in December or years from now and asked flat out, when??? When is this going to happen, when will that happen, when will I finally be free??

Dear friends, you are already free. Every one of you! You are free and I am free.

Temporary limitations will creep up and try to convince you that you are enslaved, you are in bondage, or you are a captor. You are not! I think that the moment we realize and really feel within ourselves that we are God, that we are the Universe – profound initiations occur right then that will take some time for the results to be made known but that are still very real.

The moment we feel – not just see, not just think, but feel that we are the Universe and the moment we understand and interact with that supreme connection, is the moment we really begin ascending. For some, this could have occurred on the 11-11 and some could be experiencing this on this day but as the 11-11 very clearly initiated a mass flooding of Light unto our surface, I’d say that anything is possible.

I think some of us have already ascended or at the very least, entered a new phase of our ascension process that is teaching us to look and perceive further past the realms of density we’ve all been used to, to see the pure planes of consciousness that lay just on the other side, waiting to make themselves known to us.

I think I personally would fall into the latter category because I perceive of Lighted energies that are amazing and nearly overwhelming lately and at the same time, I’ve been performing surfacing work and transmutation. Something wonderful has clearly happened and I think that mass get-togethers such as the Sedona Conference really did and do play a hand in helping the Light energies to make themselves known in very real ways.

Well, that’s my happy contribution! My hope has always been to help uplift any soul in any way that I can and if even one person was able to see this and feel happiness or ease in themselves, than I’ve done my job well. Many thanks and much Love to everyone! You are all starlights and essences of your pure Creator Self, and don’t you forget it.

Wes Annac – Expressing a joy that is unparalleled!

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