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Infinite Waters – Set Me Free – The Secret World…Inside Of You! – 16 November 2012

Uploaded on 16 November 2012 by Kemetprince1 Letting Go Off Society’s Expectations!

Common Dreams – Rolling Jubilee : Over $5 Million Of Debt Erased, And Counting – 16 November 2012

Successful kickoff for ‘People’s Bailout’ campaign

– Common Dreams staff

Last night’s star-studded “People’s Bailout” was hailed as a successful kickoff for the Rolling Jubilee campaign to erase distressed debt. As the confetti cleared, organizers Strike Debt thanked supporters, announcing that the campaign has already raised over $280,000, enough to abolish $5 million of debt. Continue reading

2012TheBigPicture – Former Bishop & ‘Loyal Friend’ Of Prince Charles Arrested In Church Of England Child Sex Abuse Investigation – 16 November 2012

Now we’re getting somewhere! And it won’t stop here.

Police investigating complaints of sexual abuse in the Church of England have arrested a former bishop and ”loyal friend” of Prince Charles.

The Rt Rev Peter Ball, 80, was detained at his home on suspicion of abusing eight boys and men ranging in age from 12 to their early twenties. Continue reading

Inter-Galactic Connections With Gaia Approaching Full Empowerment – 16 November 2012

Inter-Galactic connections with Gaia approaching full empowerment. Hands across the Cosmos embrace Gaia planetary awakening to Galactic family portraits.

Streaming coordinated Higher Dimensional beam of Light emanates from newly activated portals and projects out from current pole locations to all Universal Galactic Contacts. Continue reading

Keshe Foundation – USA The Latest Nation To Receive Spaceship Program – 16 November 2012

We are proud to announce that today 15.11.2012 the Nation of United States of America has received the USB stick containing all patents and blueprints of nuclear reactor plasma spaceship technology of the Keshe Foundation.

We welcome our American brothers in the family of the Keshe Foundations’ spaceship program and surely we will reach new horizons with the addition of American government and NASA to our family. Continue reading

Bella Capozzi – The Pleiadian Archangelic Realm – “The Acension Is Not An Exclusive Club” – 16 November 2012

Ascension is happening.  It is happening everywhere you look, everywhere you go.  You have need only to open up your hearts and your eyes to know that this is true.  Be of a mind to see, but see with your true inner vision rather than with the limited perception you have relied upon in the past.  When we say “see”, what we really mean is for you to feelIntuit.  Latch onto that initial first “hit” of information which comes to you and do not let it go.  Hold onto it and mull it over for a time.  Even if at first what you are sensing or hearing seems inapplicable to the current situation in which you find yourself, resist the old, conditioned impulse to disregard your guidance right away.  Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Divine Deep In The Sea Of Energy: Active Participation Required! – 16 November 2012

What an intense day in the field yesterday!  Holy flipping cow batman.  Altho, by first blush, you can saying nothing really exciting was shown in the field today, but I think today’s theme really is “Less is More!!”

I knew we underwent another massive shift while I took that little ole day off (the 14th) because staying centered in a reading was putting a serious strain on my “battery pack.”  These moments only happen as I try to adjust my own vibrational field to the new field.  Talk about a serious gym work out!! Continue reading