Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Multi-Level World Called Earth – 16 November 2012

God said:

The word always is also a word signaling time. Never, also. Seldom. Once in a while. Occasionally. So many words and expressions that detail time. Language is rife with words for time that delegate it, define it, make it so. Time is a bugaboo. It is a distracter of that which really cannot be interrupted, and that is Our – if I may use the word – time together. And I will use another time word as I say:

There is never a time that We as One are not. Delineating time words such as past, present, future came into being. Notice the past tense, came into being. The tenses no longer have to stay. They can leave. There are languages that do not use verb tenses. The point is that because something was does not mean it has to be now.

How rife is language with time demarcations, and, yet, you know that time is not real. It is more like a disfigurement of beauty. Age, old, young, all time words. Even beauty in the world is associated with time, youth and all that, and not so much on soul. Isn’t that colossal? That which is real and permanent is overlooked for the sake of what is temporal. That is short-lasting. Such is life in the world. The depths are swept over, and the surface is put under the microscope.

Language changes little by little, not in one full swoop. Little by little, language changes to accommodate a new reality, a newly-perceived reality. So much of what is believed in now will not be believed in, and then you know what happens. What is not believed in, or used, drops away. Even mountains can become valleys and oceans rise and life rises according to its thoughts expressed in its language. Of course, this takes place over TIME.

But this, too, has to be a natural process. Laws are not set in motion. Effort is not set in motion. Life itself is motion, and motion in one direction can turn in another. This is what is happening in the world.

And, you, too, are in motion. You have heard that your body is really all whirling molecules, and the motion you are in, your molecules are in, is gaining in momentum. You are rising faster than you know. You are scaling the heights. You are Jack in the Beanstalk who climbs high and sees another world. Of course, in his case, Jack climbed into a less wonderful world while you are climbing to a much more favorable one. Actually, climbing is not the right word. You are not doing it. You simply are rising to greater heights. You ride on an invisible elevator, and now We talk about space and all its derivatives and how it influences your reality.

You cannot be stuck in space any more than you can truly be stuck in time. Time and space are not even two. They are one illusion seen from different angles, yet they are one inseparable illusion that the world lives by. This is how it is. It isn’t bad, you understand. It just is less.

Language is made of vibration, and what are vibrations but the sense known as sound. You are rising closer to soundless sound. What shall we call it, a refined vibration, even a violin string staying still, poised, on a hilltop, as it were.

You have a good non-time coming up in non-space. You are going to be more familiar with the violin string before it sounds. You are going to be on a deeper level than ever before. Such a deeper level is really on high in this apparent multi-level world called Earth. link to original article

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