Lisa Gawlas – Divine Deep In The Sea Of Energy: Active Participation Required! – 16 November 2012

What an intense day in the field yesterday!  Holy flipping cow batman.  Altho, by first blush, you can saying nothing really exciting was shown in the field today, but I think today’s theme really is “Less is More!!”

I knew we underwent another massive shift while I took that little ole day off (the 14th) because staying centered in a reading was putting a serious strain on my “battery pack.”  These moments only happen as I try to adjust my own vibrational field to the new field.  Talk about a serious gym work out!!

By my 4th reading yesterday, I could hear my antenna crackle and pop as I just started falling part and the need to go to sleep was overwhelming.  I went down for a 4 and a half hour power nap and awoke with a clarity I have never received before.  It was a feeling of having spent my sleep time completely on the other side of the veil and they pushed me back with knowing,  so I had written a lot of this sharing last evening.  I don’t dare take the chance of forgetting any of it while I await for morning!

First let me give you yesterdays field setup and what no longer applies… assuming you want to stay at the front of the Light field.  If you do not, that’s ok too, you will simply be moved to a do-over timeline until that group goes thru this very shift and even that is perfect and as always, completely up to you and your constant choices.

So the new field (at least for today) consists of no orientation of any “yesterday’s.”  None, zip, zilch.  It has no existence in where we are now.  It only exists in your minds memory of it, and to stay in this new energy, this Heaven on Earth… clear your mind and clear your energy field and you have about 2 weeks to do that!  Again, assuming you want to embed and grow “Here.”

There is also no orientation with the west field, east, north or south field… at least with their meanings as if yesterday.  There is also no longer the outside world of boxed in minds living limiting lives.  All of these exist now on very different timelines and what I mean by choosing to embed Here.  If you choose to identify with any aspect of “out side of here” you will pull yourself out of here and move to there (wherever “there” is for the individual, kinda going back to a collective you relate to most so you can move beyond “that” once and for all, eventually.)

What we do have available to us, may seem so simple (especially when viewed thru the eye and understanding of a reading) but it really is the most important element we now have available to us. We are now fully engaging with a sea of new energy.  To me, it looks like the land itself has disappeared and now exists a new ocean of energy that we MUST orient ourselves to in every possible way!  Other than the person I am reading for, nothing else exists anywhere. They (the field) have even capped off the energy of December once again, and I understood with such clarity upon waking from my power nap, that not everyone is making the needed internal choices to have the same outcome… altho, everyone DOES have the chance to make higher vibrational choices to be in whatever December represents when it gets uncovered.  For now, our most important job ever, is orienting our self to the new energy field and staying present with it and USING it! Keep in mind, this is all new to me as well.  I do not always understand what is happening as it happens at least not until I get a good nights sleep (or power nap in this case.)  My first reading of yesterday was my greatest challenge (and please know, I LOVE a good challenge) and most likely our biggest view into how important our choices are right here, right now.

She showed up in a canoe on this vast sea of energy and I could see her with her ores in the energy making movements that seemed like paddling in circles (but I never seen the circle complete itself.)  The hazard of being the first one I read when the field and life shifts, it takes me some time to understand what is happening now and what it means to us, now.  It took me until the rest of the readings to realize that a canoe is actually out-of-place in this new sea of energy.  To really know this energy, its full on everything, we must fully engage with it, swim, dive, whatever it takes to be engaged and fully open to it.  To breathe with new lungs again, to have new energy beating thru your heart.  To fully leave the past and any feeling of needing protection and dare I say it… healing/clearing behind.

Her biggest worry was that she was blocked in her lower chakras.  To my energetic view, she was not.  And truly, you cannot have any blocks and BE in this new energy, you would show up elsewhere in a reading.  But that mind can be pretty set in what it thinks it knows.  And I realized how much the universe is working to move you/us out of your association with any sort of dysfunction or blocks.  But the moment your mind believes it is true, it is true… even tho, energetically, it is not.

Every one that is here in this new energy has done the inner work and freed themselves completely the wheel of karma, past issues and so on.  The only cycle of energy you are creating now, is in each moment.  If you can imagine where we are now is very much like when you actually die and get out-of-body and move to the other side of the veil.  You realize none of it was ever You, but there are those souls who straddle the incarnate and discarnate space without moving fully to the other side of the view… we also have that choice now too.  And we are making these choices moment by moment.

But the most revealing and intense feeling when I awoke from my power nap was the absolute need to USE this new energy.  We are no longer passive players in a stream of Life.  I could see, as I was waking up, scooping up handfuls of this energy from the ground, stuffing it into the heart, taking a bath in it, creating with it… or at least, learning how to create with it.  If we simply wait for it to work with us, we will just be moved to a place of waiting with everyone else… like I said, until the next shift takes place in their timelines.

I had one lady show up looking like a human dolphin, taking deep dives into the depths of this new energy, coming up and breathing it out into the air around her, going back under for another dive.  These dives into the depths of this energy field, will clear you out and enhance you all at the same time.  Moving out any lingering feelings of fear, separation, of anything that is Less Than who you really ARE: Spirit made manifest!!

But we are equally responsible for breathing this new energy into our air space as well.  And truthfully  it is so much more than that.  To have both feet solidly planted in the field of love and hope without judgement.  Without JUDGEMENT of anything!

Let me be really clear about judgement here, because it does impede any and all vibrations of love.  One cannot judge and say they love unconditionally, not just each other, but ALL things in life!  ALL THINGS!!!

Judgement is holding a personal opinion (emotional side) about anything.  Food in our culture is a biggie.  Often times, we do not even realize to what depth we are judging the food supply or the suppliers of food.  For me personally, I choose not to eat things that are pre-boxed or comes out of a can as often as possible.  However, I will never say it is “bad” because there are folks out there who’s malnourished body will celebrate consuming pre-boxed or canned items, so for them, it is a gift unto themselves.  The moment, the very moment, you choose to LOVE anything, appreciate anything, it becomes so amazingly good for you and for others too!!  If you put negative feelings into anything, and someone or groups of someone does not have the inner will to transmute the energy of whatever it is into the LOVE that whatever it is has to be (because everything is birthed of love, no matter how our minds choose to see it) it will contain the negative energy field placed there by good intentions of others.

There was another lady wearing a sea otter coat trimmed in polar bear fur (both representing her totem animals during this phase of the shift) and she was ice skating on this liquid field of energy.  She really looked out-of-place at first glance… here is an energy field that is not solid and she has figure skates on, creating energy lines on the surface of this sea of energy without ever dipping down into the energy.  I realized what she is doing, on a soul level right now, is actually changing the molecular structure of the energy to provide what she needs in any given moment.  Let me be clear here:

Only energy around her single blade ice skates turned solid to support her and what she is doing with this energy.  There was no need to transform the entire platform of energy into a sheet of ice, and there was nothing she needed to do, except be present with the energy and her desire to create energetic formations on the top level of the sea of energy.  The more conscious and aware of how she is doing this, will create greater and greater results for her and for those she will serve as we all move forward.

The lady above, as she is taking deep dives into the depth of this energy, and as she is truly moving thru change on every level of her life, will be there for others to help them effectively and efficiently move thru the depths of change coming up for so many.

Like I said, we have gotten to here by serving the Self, clearing the way for Self to live freely and unencumbered on this manifested stage of life and now, we will have an active hand in helping others to move here with joy and celebration and to shift energy from negative to positive, liquid to solid, and so much more!

My first three readings all represented a deeply connected “earth worker.”  Those aligned with the heart and love of Gaia and making it manifest and tangible on the fields of earth.

My last lady, no doubt a sun worker.  Bringing in the heat of the central sun to keep the energetic vibration high and crackling on earth.  She appeared like a basket ball sized sun, a glowing orb of golden-yellow radiant energy.  She came in from above, bounced on the top of the energy sea, moved back up, bounced back down, never going deeper than an inch or two… but I could see what she was doing to the sea of energy.  It changed form and radiance with every connection.  Like having a multi-facet crinkle paper appear… and yet, I knew, she was adding to the sea of energy.  That is about as far as I got with her, everything in side of me started crashing even before I called her.  Ohhh gotta love those power surges of change!!

There was also two very interesting aspects to all of the readings yesterday.  First and foremost, the field wants everyone to stay present, to be aware and use the new energy available… no traipsing into the fields of December wondering whats going to happen there when we have not even oriented to what is happening NOW! Getting to ahead of our own story will serve to confuse instead of enlighten.

Also, the energy field I call 2013 (which is less a timeline than it is a super intense vibrational field of earth) has gotten even closer to us.  More correctly stated, we have once again raised the earths vibrational field higher.  So this intense energy line that I call 2013 is only about 12 feet above us.  Last week it was 15 feet, the whole rest of this past year, it was 30 feet.  We did a lot of vibrational work in a small amount of time.  And it will only get more and more intense as we move thru the rest of this month into December.

Our choices, our use of this pure radiant energy is more important to us now, more than ever.  Choosing LOVE over fear in any given scenario is utmost.  And, don’t “fake it til you make it” that is such a line of bullshit.  Your body, your life will always know the truth… move into the field of LOVE, pure, unconditional, non-judgmental love on all levels from the depths of truth within you… and play and have fun with it all.

Love and joy have a real feeling in your body.  Do whatever it takes to move in and live there.  (Can I strongly suggest co-creative meditation….smile)  But most especially… USE that feeling in every single thing you think, say and do.  This IS your creative energies made manifest and they can only work thru you as you!!

Swim in the deep oceans of LOVE, it is already changing the world we live within!!

I love you all, so very very much and appreciate you more than my simple words will ever express.

((((HUGZ)))) of amazing adventures to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I would like to invite anyone who feels moved to, to join us in the Unity in Oneness

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