Visionkeeper – The Charade Continues… – 16 November 2012

The art form of mass distraction continues unabated in Washington right now. It is of the utmost importance that we turn off our TV sets and not get swept up in the drama taking place. It is meant for nothing more than to capture your attention and make you desire to want to learn more about the drama rather than thinking about the important things we should be thinking about right now!

I try to envision our administration like the characters in the picture to the left. A bunch of comical fools who haven’t got a clue what life is about. They know what THEIR life is about and what THEY want from it and that is the extent of it. They are a wonderful example for all of us of who and what we do NOT want to be! Our very leaders sadly epitomize everything that is wrong with the world. How ironic. I thought our leaders were people we were meant to look up to and respect. Now they have become tragic examples of what not to be and I surely hope we are being vigilant in explaining to our children why they should not do as they are doing! They are not role models!

Everything in the world seems to be backwards. Our leaders have become our oppressors, our doctors are killing us, our religious leaders are preaching lies to us, our food is making us sick not healthier. It is a very bizarre time to be alive and we must stay alert and realize the illusion for what it is. Now more than ever before families must be the glue that holds the sanity together! We must live our lives as role models to our children because they have to learn somewhere the truth of what is going on. We must step in now and become the teachers, we must show them how to be loving, how to be honest, how to be respectful of others. We must do this by our own actions and by paying attention to our children’s lives and show them that they matter! Be an example of right living for them to follow. This is no time to let our kids wander about without direction. It is far too dangerous!

If I had to put a word to what is most lacking in our world today other than love, it would have to be inspiration! Television in general does not inspire us to be better and reach higher for what we want. Movies can inspire us at times but not in general. Of course there exceptions to the rules and there are producers out there on the fringes doing good things, but not mainstream. Books seem to be the only area left that is offering inspiration but reading has been dumbed down as well, because of technology’s pull on us away from reading. Our leaders are not inspiring, our teachers are not inspiring except for the rare ones who truly care about their job, so please tell me where are we getting inspiration from? Basically the internet is all that is left if one has a desire to research for it, but many are lazy and just turn on the TV.

WE must be the creators of our lives now! We must be role models, we must be inspiring to ourselves as well as others, we must expand our brains and think outside the box. Nobody else is going to do it for us in this day and age. If we sit idly waiting for our lives to unfold life will not do so. We will rot on the branch still caught in the bud phase of our life! Just look closely at nature and you will see. If plants wish to continue on it is they who cast their seeds to the wind or drop to the ground, they wait for no one. Time has taken its toll on humanity and all but erased mans desire to become more than what he is, we have settled for mere existence and allowed ourselves to fall backwards instead of pushing forward. We must grasp life once again and interact with it, embrace it and nurture it to grow wiser. We are the creators of our lives so let us get out the crayons and make it a beautiful masterpiece.

Blessings to us all,

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