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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Lagarde Says Greece Deal Should Be “Rooted In Reality”; Mish Says Lagarde Should Be “Rooted In Reality” – 17 November 2012

Today’s case of the “pot calling the kettle is black” comes from IMF chief Christine Lagarde in a warning to Brussels nannycrats and the ECB Greek deal should be “rooted in reality”

An agreement among Greece’s international creditors on reducing its large debt pile should be “rooted in reality and not in wishful thinking,” the head of the International Monetary Fund said ahead of a tense meeting with European leaders. Continue reading

John Ward – Lord McAlpine: Shock New Question From Australia: Is He A Machiavellian Scribophile? – 17 November 2012

Twelve years ago – over in his favourite place, Australia – Lord Alistair McAlpine was promoting a book about somebody he seems to admire….Prince Machiavelli. Funny how the desire to promote book sales can come back to haunt a man anxious to cultivate an image for unworldly naivety and scrupulous honesty. The Slog invites all those with an open mind to judge for themselves about just who has been manipulating whom over the last five days. Continue reading

The Oneness – We Are All One! – 17 November 2012

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The Covenant House Nationwide Sleep Out Rallies Business Leaders, Sports Stars And Celebrities In Support Of Homeless Youth – 17 November 2012

NEW YORK, NY — On the night of November 15, 2012, over 500 leaders in business, government, media and sports will sleep out on the streets of 12 cities in North America in solidarity with homeless kids. This nationwide Sleep Out will raise awareness for the plight of kids on the street and raise $2.5 million to support homeless and runaway youth helped by Covenant House. Continue reading

The GFP Update – The Galactic Alignment Of 2012! An Inevitable Event – 17 November 2012

Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~

Earth Ally Reane’s Rainbow Orb~ Let Love Pour IN!

Greetings Love Beings, The current energies are continuing to swirl about the Planet in intensity which were maginfied through our Last Eclipse, these energieswill continue to increase in intensity. The Energy of Heaven is Here! This is also creating those energies which are not in alignment to come up for review. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – When Our Children Suffer – 17 November 2012

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2 Minutes News – 17 November 2012

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