Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Lagarde Says Greece Deal Should Be “Rooted In Reality”; Mish Says Lagarde Should Be “Rooted In Reality” – 17 November 2012

Today’s case of the “pot calling the kettle is black” comes from IMF chief Christine Lagarde in a warning to Brussels nannycrats and the ECB Greek deal should be “rooted in reality”

An agreement among Greece’s international creditors on reducing its large debt pile should be “rooted in reality and not in wishful thinking,” the head of the International Monetary Fund said ahead of a tense meeting with European leaders.

“I am always trying to be constructive but I am driven by two objectives,” she said in an interview, “to build and approve a program for Greece that is solid, that is convincing today, that will be sustainable tomorrow, that is rooted in reality and not in wishful thinking.

Objectives in Conflict

The problem for the IMF, Germany, the nannycrats in Brussels, ECB, and Greece is the “objective” of keeping Greece in the eurozone is one of the things destroying Greece.

It is wishful thinking that Greece is going to stay in the eurozone. I am all for a large dose of “reality” but the objectives of the Troika and the nannycrats in Brussels does not permit reality.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock



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