Ron Van Dyke – When Our Children Suffer – 17 November 2012

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Okay, I guess I will talk about that…reluctantly. Last night I attended a fundraiser for an orphanage in South Africa. The keynote speaker was Roland Kemokai, a man from Liberia who, when he was three months old, was put into a box and taken to the village dump by his parents – abandoned to die. He was rescued to live a life of abuse and neglect until his later teens when he awakened. Today, he is an inspirational speaker, among many other talents. He lives in Texas. He went back to Africa some time ago, found his parents and forgave them. His story is one of thousands upon thousands of abandoned children around the world who come into our world to face abuses that are often unspeakable. It’s hard for me to even think about it, which is why I feel a reluctance to talk about it this morning. I feel a deep pain inside when our children suffer. Can’t we do better than this? (


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