The Covenant House Nationwide Sleep Out Rallies Business Leaders, Sports Stars And Celebrities In Support Of Homeless Youth – 17 November 2012

NEW YORK, NY — On the night of November 15, 2012, over 500 leaders in business, government, media and sports will sleep out on the streets of 12 cities in North America in solidarity with homeless kids. This nationwide Sleep Out will raise awareness for the plight of kids on the street and raise $2.5 million to support homeless and runaway youth helped by Covenant House.

“These leaders will sleep on concrete outside Covenant House shelters across America, in Canada, and Latin America,”said Kevin Ryan, President of Covenant House.  “Together we will become a unified voice for the thousands of homeless kids and trafficking kids with no voice of their own, kids being abused and beaten and forgotten.  With the money and awareness raised, this Sleep Out will save lives.”

To read the whole story at : link to original article (Thanks MomT)

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